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  1. TheDragonGirl

    Butterbeer soap and WPS's Beer Powder

    Hi guys! I said I'd report back on how the beer powder went when I got around to using it! I soaped using one tbsp ppo of the beer powder, and room temperature lye and oils. Y'all it was a dream to work with, and so much easier than stirring lye into frozen beer and trying to get it to...
  2. TheDragonGirl

    Lavender Hearts

    I did a little soap to donate to help a sweet little boy with some medical bills, and I asked him what scent he would like and he said lavender! So I got to work: CPoP, 50% OO 25% Lard 20% Coconut and 5% Castor. It has Kaolin clay, Vinegar, and Citric Acid in it. I used Lavender 40/42, which...
  3. TheDragonGirl

    Twist up LS paste sticks

    Okay so I made a whole lot of liquid soap paste but... we aren't going through it very fast. So I decided that I want to make some twist up sticks like I've read about a few people on the forum doing. It seems fairly straightforward -but I want to scent them, and I'm not sure about the best way...
  4. TheDragonGirl

    Transformers (G1) Soap

    I'm calling this one dare to be stupid, we have charcoal and jojoba beads, but you cant really see the beads on camera, which is what I was afraid might happen ): I was hoping they would look like stars
  5. TheDragonGirl

    Beer Powder?

    Has anyone tried the new beer powder from WSP? I'm wondering how it performs and if its useful to make the switch to use it in cold process soaps- I'm guessing 1oz ppo? I'm particularly attracted because it would allow me to use vinegar with my beer soaps.
  6. TheDragonGirl

    Pokeball soaps

    Hiyo! I made a pokeball cold process soap and I'm super proud of it, and thought I'd show it off somewhere where people can appreciate the difficulty of the thing. This is almond scented and smells delightfully of maraschino cherries.
  7. TheDragonGirl

    Nat20 Soaps

    These are the soaps I was making my D20 embeds for!
  8. TheDragonGirl

    Melt and Pour D20s

    I had a lot of fun making these! I thought I'd share. The mold was made with Ecoflex 00-30 Super Soft Platinum Silicone, and Its my very first custom mold. I'm using WSP's detergent free melt & pour base, in clear, with their stained glass violet liquid color, and super sparkle mica, and...
  9. TheDragonGirl

    My first candles

    I looked up all the tutorials on the candle making websites, I watched a million videos on youtube, I made sure I understood the instructions for the wax I'd picked, and that my wicks were suitable for the wax and the jar diameter and I did it! I still need to do my first test burn, but...
  10. TheDragonGirl

    Captain America

    Apple pie scented- I actually used a combination of apple cider from daystar and apple jack n peel from wsp, I wish I'd been able to get the star more on center, goodness knows I tried.
  11. TheDragonGirl

    My other halloween soaps

    Some of these behaved perfectly.. others not so much Poltergeist: Flesh Golem: Walking Dead: Dem Bones: The Great Pumpkin:
  12. TheDragonGirl

    Toil and Trouble

    My husband suggested a soap for me to make for halloween, including the scent and the name And let me tell you when NS listed Cinders as accellerating I did not realize it meant this much. I got the batter all poured into the containers with the colours and it went completely solid not to...
  13. TheDragonGirl


    With the thread going around talking about bread (albeit gluten free bread) I thought I would share my sourdough experience (Although only six months long now)! I have a very nice starter that I pay attention to off and on using the King Arthur bread instructions for making your own from...
  14. TheDragonGirl

    Unicorn Soaps

    I am exhausted and have just finished my piping. I've been working on these babies for two weeks, they were my reward for finishing out the semester hand molded embeds, piping, glitter, eo blend of orange x5, lemongrass, bergamot, peppermint, ylang ylang and geranium I learned two things: I...
  15. TheDragonGirl

    Extremely interesting mold

    I've just purchased this to give it a try [Link] It looks like you can form it into any shape you want and it doesn't leak cake batter, so I'm really looking forward to trying it out with soap. (Obviously using something other than aluminum foil with it)
  16. TheDragonGirl

    Fragrance destash

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. I just went through my stash of fragrances and pulled the ones I don't like OOB from the...
  17. TheDragonGirl


    Hi! I have a soap fresh off the cutter and it has unexpectedly come out with swirls! .. When there was no color added. This was my first time working with Neem but I knew it would accelorate already, and was prepared for that with a whisk, I brought it all together for the thickest trace ever...
  18. TheDragonGirl

    Cinnamon swirl

    I'm really chuffed about how these came out. The cinnamon candies FO from WSP is well behaved and even at the lowered amount you have to use in soaps its smell is extremely strong, absolutely no acceleration or discoloration that I noticed either.
  19. TheDragonGirl

    A few soaps

    Nothing really new, just a few batches for a show next month,but I haven't posted much in a while
  20. TheDragonGirl

    Bath bomb notes

    I know I've been away from the forum for a while (College and Shows kicked my behind for a bit) But I was researching bathbombs and pretty much finding that you have to comb through a lot of things to get any information at all and most of what you'll find is just finished recipes. So! I...