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    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. I am selling EVERYTHING from my Soaping Adventures! Items for sale: Nearly 100 bottles of...
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    Mashed potato phase after cooking

    Hi! I made my 3rd batch of liquid soap yesterday in the crockpot. I cooked it for 10 hours..yes 10 hours because it never gelled. It turned to the mashed potato phase and stopped. I did not mix to the taffy stage. I blended with stick blender until it was thick like pudding . Then stirred...
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    Branding/engraving/stamping soap

    Hopefully I'm on the correct forum! Has anyone used a machine to stamp, brand, engraved soap? I'm looking for a machine that will engrave soaps. I've hand stamped soaps that are 2 days out of mold but I'm looking for a way to engrave soaps that have been curing for 2 -4 weeks.
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    Fast saponifying advice needed!

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    Set recipes??? Overwhelmed

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! So I am overwhelmed with the options of soap! I want to set a standard of my recipes. But where do I start? I will be using fresh goat milk in a majority of my recipes..99%. I want to have basic one color soaps as well as swirls and textures. I know that trace...
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    What now? Oil separating?

    I'm about to give up on this soap making!:hairpulling: I used goat milk in this and it traced nicely and I added Natures Oil Peppermint Essential Oil and noticed that it didnt seem to mix in. I kept stirring and stick blending and it appeared to be all mixed in. I did put on hearing...
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    Mixing natural colors/gelling goat milk and purple?

    Hi...newbie here. I have a two-fold (or 10 fold LOL)question. I want to attempt to make a white goats milk soap (main portion) with purple swirls (small portion). I have infused olive oil with alkanet root. I understand that when using color infused oils, I will substitute that for plain...
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    Forgot to add castor oil

    Hi! I just made my FIRST 5 lb pound batch, which I was admiring in the mold, when I discovered the lonely castor oil that was supposed to be swimming in harmony with the rest of the oils, siting alone on the counter. How can I figure out the properties of what the soap will be? I tried adding...
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    Expired ingredients

    Hi! Newbie. About a month in, here. Last weekend we made a 6 hour round trip to purchase a soapers was a soapers heaven! Molds, butters, oils, natural colorant, pounds of lye, essential oils,FOs, micas! I mean stuff is in bulk!!! oh so many goodies that I had only dreamed of...