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    I miss this -

    A magnificent and very traditional hard-bodied Marmet pram, which I became the proud owner of just before my daughter was born. Seeing as my daughter is 26 now I really don't think I need it any more! It lives up in the loft. I'm usually super-efficient at de-junking, but The Almighty Pram...
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    You're addicted to CP when...

    Your backpacking-in-Thailand-over-the-festive-season daughter texts you to let you know her plane has landed safely on Koh Samui island. And after feeling relieved that she is safe and sound, you then immediately start thinking of liquid soap...!
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    Why do you think soap is so special to you?...

    Oh Marisa, I do so love the way your soap making earned you the love of your man! That has made my day! Personally though I think it was my ability in home brewing which won me mine, but that's another story... :)
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    What made you pick your avatar/ username?!

    I have had some health-related issues which affected my speech for a while. Hence my forum name - AnnaO. Thankfully, the good news is that I am getting better, and my command of speech has returned. Hurrah! :) :) Oh and by the way, my real name is Tracey.
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    Why do you think soap is so special to you?...

    Irish Lass - my memory is so hazy, but I resonate more with the second link I think. The colour was a deep teal/turquoise though, darker than in the picture. I would so love to replicate the original colour in my soaps ! :) Thank you so much for the links though! I shall now commence a...
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    Lard in shampoo bar?

    Ooh Susie... take it from me... lard shampoo bars are indeed fab :razz: I save my shea butter for my body butter and lotion bars (eta - because of hubs' shea sensitivity) :)
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    Why do you think soap is so special to you?...

    ... OK I'll be first ... :) .... many many moons ago, perhaps around 1967 or 1968 or so, when I would have been maybe 2 or 3 years of age, I was given as a Christmas present a set of Avon soaps. There were 3 soaps in all, and although my memory is somewhat hazy I do know for sure that they...
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    How did my 2lb recipe blow up to FIVE?

    A good rule of thumb is that 11 ounces of oils in a cp NaOH recipe will make approximately 1 pound of finished soap. Also soapcalc's calculator will give you an estimation of the weight of finished soap (eta-not including the salt, of course) when you plug in your recipe. The water added to the...
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    Lard in shampoo bar?

    I used lard at 10% in the shampoo bars I have made for hubs and me, using Genny's original shampoo bar recipe; I subbed the shea butter out for lard as hubs has a sensitivity to it. To date I've not made a shea version - our stockpile will keep us going for a good while yet :) - perhaps even...
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    Mystic Moments (UK Supplier)

    I bought some glycerine from their ebay shop in May, not only was the p&p free, but it was delivered the following day. That's the only thing I've purchased from them so I can't comment on their eo's/fo's, but I recall being quite impressed by their service at the time.
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    Let's tell a story....

    Nevertheless, I then
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    Let's tell a story....

    SpaceDust (aka PopRocks)
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    The word association game

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    SAP value of Almond Wax

    I'm sorry Dixie - I don't know! Actually I wanted jojoba oil but I ordered Jojoba wax by mistake instead... :oops: So here I am wondering how jojoba wax would perform in a hair conditioner...
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    SAP value of Almond Wax

    Hi Saponista - did you ever find an answer to this?? I bought some wax recently from gracefruit, and I noticed they provide product SAP values on their website: ^^ Clicking on the 'attachments' tab beneath the...
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    Back from the Dead

    So I've read this thread... and I now have some repressed memories surfacing... Ok, rewind a couple of decades or so, back to when my daughter started infant school. One day, I have an itchy head. Really itchy. In fact red hot burning itchy! More itchy than I had ever, ever, itched before! So...
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    I'm a gramma!!

    What a handsome chap! Well done mum, and much love to you all x
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    I made only a 200g batch, it was way too small an amount for the slow cooker, so I used a bain marie substitute (-stainless steel bowl sat on a pan of water on hob). Also I didn't use my stick blender, I just stirred with a spoon, and it took ~15 minutes to reach trace. I used a 3:1 water to lye...
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Songwind et al! I had been undecided about making this recipe for my OH as his face cannot tolerate high % coconut oil soaps - they are way too drying for him. So I have been studying this and other shaving soap threads here as I considered other possible...
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    Modifying a shaving soap recipe

    I'd just like to say that I'm truly grateful for this thread and the links to other threads that have been posted. :) I've been researching recipes for a shaving soap for my OH for some time - I need a low CO formulation - and now I'm off to play with SoapCalc! Thanks all :) :) :)