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  1. SoapySuds

    Nurture Soaps Has a Black Friday Deal!!!!

    just your friendly enabler giving notice!!! :D:D:D Well, I needed trial by fire... because red.
  2. SoapySuds

    Castile Slime

    welp, I finally experienced Castile slime. I recently made four nearly identical recipes of Castile. No coconut. Scent was used, different for each but at 3%. SF 0%. In each recipe the exact same oil was used. Currently we’re about 2-3 weeks in with most of them. In the first, it was a one...
  3. SoapySuds

    Is it normal to just stare at your soap and sniff it?

    Just asking, for a friend.
  4. SoapySuds

    Before I Blow Up my Basement...

    I have a really old and working perculator coffee pot, like the ones you find in old churches. I want to use it to melt soy wax. It seems like it would be perfect... heats stuff up, has a spigot.... of course this would be a one trick pony from here on out, no more coffee, only wax. Melt...
  5. SoapySuds

    What IS a synthetic detergent?

    ok. I have gathered and understand it’s synthetic and not natural yada yada yada But has anyone asked HOW synthetic detergents are made? I can’t find any information, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s tied into making fuel. Gasoline. Diesel. Soap/detergent is a byproduct of making fuel...
  6. SoapySuds

    Hi! I’m a Casual Diaper

    Hello! I am a casual soaper. I don’t really have plans to sell soap, only because I would want to sell a high quality product and what I have made so far... as my husband says, ‘I just want soap that suds on my hair and doesn’t feel like a cheese grater in my skin.’ So my products have been...