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  1. SimplyE

    Hi again from Eden, Utah!

    Hey all! Wanted to say hi after a long hiatus from SMF. I make goat-milk products and learned all about how to soap here. I started my business in my basement, and then opened a storefront five years ago. I haven't been around much, and hoping to be more active again! Now, after messing...
  2. SimplyE

    BTMS-50 HLB?

    Knowing that BTMS-50 is a self emulsifier, what is the HLB value so I can use it with another emulsifier for a more stable product? Thanks! A
  3. SimplyE

    over mixing lotion/separation?

    Can you over mix lotion? I am having a problem with one of my lotion batches separating like an SOB. I used BTMS-50 at 6%. Some separate, some don't. ideas? Next, I need to figure out the HLB...
  4. SimplyE

    Pola vs ewax NF

    Are these the same thing, just different names? Polawax E-wax NF People talk about Polawax, but the INCA is Emulsifying Wax-NF. Basically, is Polawax regular ol' Ewax?
  5. SimplyE

    making own molds

    I remember somewhere about making your own mold with some sort of compound that you can mix and pour, which makes a flexible mold. I am trying to come up with a mold for a special order, but not having any luck. So, I figured I might try my hand at making a "casting". Anyone know what I am...
  6. SimplyE

    Pumpkin Spice - Mantra-ish

    So, I am only a month or so behind in seasons :oops: I poured simultaneously to get half and half. The FO is going to darken up half of it immensely. I did not fragrance the other half in order to keep the color light in the other half. Thanks!
  7. SimplyE

    Snowflake Molds?

    I am looking for a snowflake mold that is the shape of a snowflake, rather than a round with a snowflake on the top. This is would probably be hard to soap/unmold, but I have a lady who would really like something like this and would like to be able to at least try. TIA! :D
  8. SimplyE

    GM Soapers...

    I am curious to see if those who make goat milk soap gel their soap or not. Those who use all GM for liquid and not just just add powder at the end. Thanks!
  9. SimplyE

    Whlsale vs Volume discount

    Trying to come up with a price for B&Bs. Would you price it as wholesale or as a volume discount? It seems like wholesale would be for resale whereas volume discount would be for B&B or inn. As far as volume there a standard-ish? Thanks!
  10. SimplyE


    I kicked a$$ this weekend at my first festival! 7x my high-rent booth fee, tons of contacts. The local newspaper wants to do an article, and several boutiques want my stuff, as well as possibly a health-food store! I had such a great time. It rained yesterday morning, but cleared off about...
  11. SimplyE

    Include tax...or not?

    I am trying to decide whether to include tax in my prices at this festival or add them at check out. Easier to deal with round numbers with tax included, but it might look like a better price if I don't include tax with my prices and add it after. Opinions??? Thx!
  12. SimplyE

    dents and divots

    Lip balm/lotion bars: What is the best way to get rid of those weird holes or dents in the center after it hardens when you pour lotion bars or lip balm into a tube? I tried pouring heavy and almost over filling, and I also tried pouring part of the way and letting it cool a bit and then...
  13. SimplyE

    Glycerin in lip balms

    Is glycerine water based? I had been using it in my personal lip balm/chapstick, but now I wonder if it is actually water based, which would then make my lip balm require a preservative. :?
  14. SimplyE

    shampoo base for color treated

    Anybody know of a good base that is used for color/chemical-treated hair?
  15. SimplyE

    How do YOU sanitize

    your containers?
  16. SimplyE


    Has anybody looked into the cost of ordering labels/stickers for their product with information already printed versus cost of printing themselves? I can see a disadvantage is that you would not have the control of being able to change your product because the labels/stickers are mass produced.
  17. SimplyE

    Space station

    Last night, we watched the space station orbit over our house, which was really amazing. It started out really orange, moving really fast, but then when it was directly overhead, it was extremely large and bright. It was moving too fast to see it with a telescope. Should have gotten...
  18. SimplyE

    Body butter snaffu

    It has been a while since I have done a body butter. So...the time I left it in the freezer was apparently too long, even at only a couple of minutes each time. With the final whip, it "seized" after whipping beautifully and ended up so hard and brittle, that it totally sucked! I need a...
  19. SimplyE

    soapcake frosting

    The soap cake is ready to be frosted, and I was originally just going to use whipped soap like I do for my "cupcakes". I decided I would rather drizzle the "frosting". I see some people do M&P for the frosting (mine is CP). If i just do a batch of CP and drizzle it over, is alcohol still...
  20. SimplyE

    Shampoo base separation

    So, I have ordered a couple of shampoo bases for this salon to try. I am giving her a variety of scents to choose from, and the first base I use, I have no problem with scenting at less than 1%. Recommended is 0.5% to 2.5%. So the second base that I am scenting with the same scents at the...