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    More Beer Soap

    I couldnt see the picture either...
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    Trying a batch of cold process...

    are you using a stick blender? That makes it trace way faster than by hand. It also depends on what oils you used. some batchs trace way faster than othrs. Just like some batches have amuch thiinner trace than others. Sorry my spelling looks so bad, I am typing in the dark - my son is...
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    White powder problems...

    I am a soap newbie. I do not know more than what I have read and learned over the last 5 months. I only know what my soap looks like after 4months (and so far so good). I do not know what DOS is. I do not attempt to pretend to know more than I do - that is why I ask questions. I am not in a...
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    soaps so far - don't laugh

    I agree, they look great. Where did you get the pop colors? I read in my book that paprika can be used a a natural colorant... has anyone played with that? Im also curious about how the soap would smell with paprika.
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    Oatmeal milk-glop

    I add the oatmeal right after combinding the oils and GM & Honey lye solution. (well, I stir the combination together thoroghly and THEN add in the oatmeal) That has worked great for me.
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    Honey & Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap

    I think the lighting is just funny - it's actually a pretty brown. That is honey & oatmeal too. I do get pretty creative with the molds. I found off brand 10oz tupperware containers that make a perfect bar size (I just fill it 1/2 full for 4-5oz bar). They are so cheap that there is no...
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    soap qualities??

    My sister in law has requested a softer bar - so yes, it seems like some do prefer the softer ones. This topic has been very helpful btw! I hadn't even started playing with the soap calc yet. I made a batch recently with about 45% coconut oil and 10% safflower oil. I think I am going to...
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    White powder problems...

    Oh great. I am so glad the soap isn't ruined! Thankyou so much for the helpful info! I'll have to go back and cover my soap tray. All the other molds I have have little lids except the "handmade, goatmilk and blank bar" mold. Zap tounge test - lol... never heard of it. Is it like the...
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    White powder problems...

    Thanks alot! So do you know if the ashy batch useable?
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    White powder problems...

    This is a pic of my first honey & oatmeal batch... same recipe.
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    White powder problems...

    Can anyone tell me what causes this white powdery stuff on my soap? The is the worst i've had it on any batch. How can I fix it or just avoid it from happening again? This batch was honey & oatmeal goat milk soap. It also came out WAY lighter than my other batch. I also had a few white powder...
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    Christmas is here!

    Do ya'll order essential oils online? I was hoping someone could reccomend a site to me. I don't need to order HUGE bottles just some little ones so I can get familiar with the oils. The only thing Ive found around here is tea tree oil.
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    hand-milled soap ?

    Thanks a ton! It's a very rainy day so I think it's a soaping day!
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    hand-milled soap ?

    When hand-milling soap can you use milk or is water better? I am going to try and hand-mill some of my goat milk soap.
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    My first coffee soap

    I bet they smell delightful!
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    corn meal?

    If thats the case then I have something to send you :)
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    smell neutralizer

    It was pretty bad. On his ankles, elbows, right butt cheek and the right cheek on his face too! lol I didn't think about taking pictures until I started noticing how great the soap was helping. The first picture was 2 days after we started with the soap and the second pic is from 5-6 days later...
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    My newest soaps

    wow - they look great!
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    corn meal?

    Maybe *I* should go to the library and see what they have. I hadn't even thought about that! I barrowed two books from a friend and have done alot of reading online.
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    smell neutralizer

    My son has been battleing eczema since he was tiny. The entire reason I started making soap was to try and find some relief for him. The goat milk soap w/ olive oil has helped immensly! We have used SO many cremes and ointments (3-4x a day) and nothing had helped. After nightly baths with my...