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  1. ResolvableOwl

    How to Dark Specks

    Hibiscus/rosehip/matcha/aronia powder – 1.5% TOW Black tea (ground in mortar) – 1.9% TOW Chocolate malt (grain mill, not the finest setting) – 0.7% TOW Walnut shell (filed) – 1.0% TOW And this is how they look when stirred into soap batter at the above percentages. The rosehip mix was a...
  2. ResolvableOwl

    Goat Milk Soap

    The whitish spots all over the bars might well be just stearic spots, i. e. just a cosmetic issue. What worries me is the small “hole” just above the middle of the bar in your second photo. If there is only the slightest risk of lye pockets, the soap is not safe to use. A trick regarding...
  3. ResolvableOwl

    70% Rice Bran Oil soap

    Isn't the unrefined RBO very high in free fatty acids, i. e. prone to acceleration/soap-on-a-stick?
  4. ResolvableOwl

    In the still of the night....2 shave soaps

    OK. I got the excitement. And that it apparently has to do something with the amount of castor and/or coconut oil, and some unnamed new oil (?). But you have somehow managed to not tell at all what exactly you are raving about (what is different compared to your previous recipes).
  5. ResolvableOwl

    How to Dark Specks

    Didn't make it yesterday, but that's probably not a bad thing. Just organising myself what'll probably happen tonight instead: Must-try: rosehip, black tea, chocolate malt (ETA: I just realised that what I thought was rosehip is really a blend of rosehip with hibiscus, matcha tea and aronia...
  6. ResolvableOwl

    Acid Rebatch – the most thorough & wasteful way to “redo” soap

    Lol, don't stress me out! I can only type that fast! 😂 Okay. Now with the FFA in a pot, it's time to get rid of some of the volatiles (smelly stuff). I decided to sacrifice the kitchen air once again, for an open steam distillation. With the aim to remove a good part of the volatile compounds...
  7. ResolvableOwl

    Acid Rebatch – the most thorough & wasteful way to “redo” soap

    I'll present the technique alongside such an example. Proof-of-concept but also something emotional: Trying to refactor an Aleppo soap to smell less prominently of laurel oil. (Sacrilege! 😂) Some time ago I've bought some Aleppo soap with 30% laurel (couldn't be bothered to buy laurel oil to...
  8. ResolvableOwl

    Acid Rebatch – the most thorough & wasteful way to “redo” soap

    Disclaimer: It doesn't become any less esoteric with my weird ideas to reïnvent the soapy wheel. It also doesn't become a short post, and I'll have to split it in multiple posts if only for the many photos I'll include. I've called today's programme Acid rebatch. It is kind of a rebatch in the...
  9. ResolvableOwl

    False trace ?

    Oof, that's bad. When you have a 50% lye masterbatch, 20°C should be about the lowest temperature at which NaOH just hasn't started to crystallise out of solution under ideal conditions. If you don't need 50% (like when you don't care about watery additives like aloe vera juice or goat milk)...
  10. ResolvableOwl

    What's the diagnosis? DOS? Aargh!!

    They don't have coffee grounds & poppy ➡ I'd take them. 😂 Seriously, the bars appear quite translucent (intense gelling?). It looks weird, but maybe it's just from a slightly uneven cure & mellows out when you give it another month or two. Who knows how trippy the colourants in the mica have...
  11. ResolvableOwl

    Hydrosol from a home distiller?

    Warm it up, add some molten cocoa butter/soy wax/tallow, and let it solidify. You won't have pure EO, but you can just take it out once solidified.
  12. ResolvableOwl

    How to Dark Specks

    Good pointer! Colour wise I was somehow pondering how to push an olive-brown base hue into a more reddish direction, for some unknown reason (*empty stare at beechwood tabletop*). And I happen to have rosehip powder at hand too. Paprika? Turmeric? Black tea? Chocolate malt? Guess someone has got...
  13. ResolvableOwl

    Stick blend MP

    Double boiler/water bath is okay too, it just takes some more time. When it melts too slowly, don't crank up the heat, but give it more time. Stir occasionally but gently (air bubbles!). Make sure to limit evaporation (tight lid!) – when the molten M&P loses too much water, it becomes sticky...
  14. ResolvableOwl

    How to Dark Specks

    Lol, it just popped into my mind that I do have some chocolate malt (very dark roasted/burnt rye) at hand. This is something I definitely should/will try out, before listening to advice of people with proper know-how on beautiful soap 🙃.
  15. ResolvableOwl

    Stick blend MP

    That might well be the case. With the SB, you are likely incorporating a lot of (very small) air bubbles, that might well make the soap look like a sponge under a microscope. Molten M&P is very viscous, and it's soap, so it'll trap air well. It might also be that you are exceeding the limit of...
  16. ResolvableOwl

    How to Dark Specks

    Sooo … I'm wondering for a good way to get subtle dark (brownish) specks into CP soap in a controlled way. Doesn't seem difficult, because so many soapers have got them, and usually want to get rid of them 🙄. Not me this time. But I'm kind of negative-creative at the moment, and seem to only...
  17. ResolvableOwl

    False trace ?

    If you're unsure if under particular conditions a recipe might give you false trace, you can blend the oils beforehand and just let them stand for an hour. If they solidify, then it's too cold and you should counteract false trace by elevated oil and lye temperatures, larger batch/mould size...
  18. ResolvableOwl

    False trace ?

    Unless you're working in an air-conditioned room, this recipe cannot give you false trace. What was your room temperature? False trace looks somewhat like trace, i. e. the batter becomes thick, starts to solidiy. It has no chance for oils to separate/leak/pool, solid oils is the whole point of...
  19. ResolvableOwl

    Can bad lye make soft soap?

    NaOH impure with water (reduced effective purity) should not be a problem, as long as one has a good conception how much it is, and this is (relatively) easily found out by titration (like @DeeAnna instructs on her website). However, I'm not aware of conclusive insight what harm soda ash does...
  20. ResolvableOwl

    CPLS Clarity Blues

    Not sure if there is trademark protection on it. “Raps” is “rape (brassica napus)”, and the two zeroes stand for the two breeding aims: “very low erucic acid” (oil suitable for human consumption), and “very low glucosinolates” (press cake suitable as animal feed). Since next to 100% of the...