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  1. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Ethics Question For Selling/Labeling

    If you're still just using recipes from a website and just starting to make soap, you probably shouldn't be selling soap.
  2. The Efficacious Gentleman

    What is this on my lotion bars? (Kind of freaking out!)

    I want to eat them! They do look gorgeous. But by storing them differently, I think it would be in a way which isn't really feasible, especially if you wanted to actually use one - vacuum sealing might delay it a while, but it would only start up again when unsealed. I do think your best...
  3. The Efficacious Gentleman

    What non-soapy thing did ya do with soap stuff?

    Sodium citrate is used in our kitchen a lot, so we often grab some from my soaping supply in a pinch. But not too long ago I seasoned a Dutch oven using some lard from my soaping ingredients. Most stuff that we have is not mixed use (mainly because our kitchen pots are far too nice for me to...
  4. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Weirdly Great Show

    Although 2x booth fee from takings is most likely more than a wasted day, when you take out the cost of actually making the soap and time spent/equipment etc.
  5. The Efficacious Gentleman

    How do you “clean up” soap?

    I can understand not leaving it when the look of the soap is also part of your process. As an example, my latest "chocolate orange" soap for Christmas gifts is only "chocolate" because the orange colour I was aiming for turned out brown instead! I am really not a good person to reference when it...
  6. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Weirdly Great Show

    Out of curiosity, is that 4x booth fee based on the takings from the day, or from the profit of the day (with cost of product and time spent already removed)?
  7. The Efficacious Gentleman

    What is this on my lotion bars? (Kind of freaking out!)

    I think no matter what you do it will most likely happen at some point unless they are stored differently. It's part of what cocoa butter does
  8. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Soap bar that cuts grease

    I found something that works well by accident, for those who can't get borax too easily (EU soapers!) - a salt bar with a 5% superfat. Certainly not one for general use or a daily shower, but it cuts through grease like a charm
  9. The Efficacious Gentleman

    How do you “clean up” soap?

    I might be one of the fee who ignore it. When I give a soap away I let them know that it's just cosmetic. But then I make fairly plain looking soaps usually because I (and no attack or anything on anyone who does multiple colours and swirls and so on) I want people to enjoy my soap for the...
  10. The Efficacious Gentleman

    What's going to Happen? - New Simple Recipe

    Looks like soda ash - just a cosmetic issue
  11. The Efficacious Gentleman

    How are commercial/industrial soap bars better/worse than the ones we make?

    With the milling, they take strands of soap (soap noodles) and compress them at a fairly high pressure. Sometimes more than once (hence some soaps are triple milled). I don't know exactly why from a science point of view, but the process takes what would be a fairly "meh" soap if done cp/hp and...
  12. The Efficacious Gentleman

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made soap! I only make it when I need it, and I make 8kg batches - so I don't actually make soap too often at the moment
  13. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Can't hang on to soap when using it: "So I've been sending soap to my brother in prison............"
  14. The Efficacious Gentleman

    one failed one did not

    The reiterate what Alioop said, unless you know your recipe and how it behaves quite well you should check in with the soap regularly. Making a change to the recipe can very well make a difference to how long it takes to firm up (or get too firm to cut!) so while experience will let you leave it...
  15. The Efficacious Gentleman

    can't hang on to soap when using it

    I make very simple bars that fit in the hand - not huge in any of the 3 dimensions, but it can slip out sometimes even then just not in a way that makes it unusable. My bars are approximately 7.8cm X 6.2cm X 2.3cm and that seems to work even with my wife with smaller hands.
  16. The Efficacious Gentleman


    It's free of the harsh chemicals found in other cleaners.........but contains a very harsh chemical that most other cleaners don't even consider using!
  17. The Efficacious Gentleman


    So much wrong in these few sentences, but I'll just go with pointing out that the inci for saponified lard is sodium lardate, not sodium tallowate.
  18. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Sodium Lactate, first time using-advice?

    For me the strangest thing was knowing if it was done or not. The texture was so different from other hp that I did that I was so unsure about it being done. Be prepared to do the "Ztaged Zafety Zap Tezt" as it may very well not look done to you in comparison to how other batches looked done
  19. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Post your Gripe

    Not sure if this qualifies, but my darling wife (The Admirable Lady) called me yesterday from her shopping trip to tell me that she bought some glycerine from the pharmacy to help treat our chickens (some of them are fighting an infection at the moment and have open wounds on the feet) I...
  20. The Efficacious Gentleman

    Weighty issues

    It would hurt people in the wallet potentially. If you see two products with what appears to be a comparable weight but they're using two different methods and you don't pick up on it, you could end up making a false comparison and buying what you thought was the better value option when it...