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  1. ibct1969

    My Valentine CP soap

    Anyone ever read the Outlander series? I'm reading it again and was inspired to make some Valentine's Day soap.
  2. ibct1969

    Birds in the forest or art deco

    I have been on a roll lately. Can't decide on a name for this one ... art deco feel but originally called birds in the forest.
  3. ibct1969

    The finest gifts we bring...

    The Little Drummer Boy song was in my head all today, as I planned my soap. It's the first day daylight savings ended in 2018 and it's already getting a bit dark out at 4 pm, so I'm in a holiday mood already. There's a gold mica line hidden in there that will hopefully reveal itself after...
  4. ibct1969

    White high heeled shoe

    Sort of a butterfly swirl, or the closest I have ever come to one. I'm calling it Miami. My mom sees a white high heeled shoe in each side, which I didn't see until she mentioned it. Interesting how the brain puts together images in clouds, popcorn ceilings and SOAP!
  5. ibct1969

    How to achieve navy blue in CP soap

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best way to achieve navy blue in my CP soap? Thanks in advance.
  6. ibct1969

    Um, any advice for treating lips and tongue that have been burned by soap batter

    In the midst of a swirling frenzy I managed to get some batter on my upper lip and a drop on my tongue. My lip feels totally burned. Ice? Or what's best? Feeling so stupid....
  7. ibct1969

    First coconut milk soaps

    These were fun to make; I really liked working with coconut milk. Does anyone else? I haven't tried them yet but I'm going to today! And, really, as I wrote that I realize that no one else in my life would understand that as much as you all :)
  8. ibct1969

    First coconut milk soap

    Hey all, hope the new year is treating you all well. I made some soap last weekend with canned coconut milk. I searched the internet for a bunch of recipes and found an easy one to try. I am happy with the results so far (it didn't discolor or do anything crazy and the coconut milk was...
  9. ibct1969

    How much FO do you use?

    I am curious to see how much fragrance oil per pound of oils you all use in your CP soap. I have tried .5 in the past and more recently, .7. Nothing is sticking past cure time of 6 weeks or the cured soap doesn't smell anything close to what is smells like oob. Regardless of recipe. I have...
  10. ibct1969

    Do these even look like Christmas soaps?

    My first attempt at a butterfly swirl with Christmas colors. I am just not sure they look like Christmas soaps though. :santa:
  11. ibct1969

    Cannot unmold my soap

    Hi all, I made a small batch of soap (in one of those 4 inch square Brambleberry molds) last Saturday the 11th. Today is Saturday the 18th. It will not come out of the stinkin mold. Is it because of the high percentage of olive do you think? What the heck can I do to get this soap out...
  12. ibct1969

    I made soap with Babassu

    I used Amazingly Grace FO from NG. It colored by soap batter the most buttercupie yellow you can imagine. I was pretty mad because I wanted white white and light pink. I added so much TD, and it only changed the color to ligher buttercup yellow.. . I thought I'd get yellow and orange...
  13. ibct1969

    Newest soap baby- "not an ombre"

    Caribbean Blue. Not once have my plans for a design have worked out yet... it has been a lesson in losing control! This one was supposed to be an ombre but the batter never reached medium trace and I was getting inpatient so a swirl soap it became! And, I must thank Irish Lass for her...
  14. ibct1969

    Zoikes! Need help- in the middle of making soap and....

    Oils are cooling and so is lye water. I checked the lye water and noticed that it has what it looks like to be some saponifying going on in spots around the water. I must have had some soap on the spatula or something. do I need to make fresh lye water?
  15. ibct1969

    My first big girl swirl

    I have never used more than 3 colors except for a VERY failed batch that I am trying to repress. Today I was a nut and used 8! I tipped the mold and poured down one side, used a hanger swirl tool (this part freaked me OUT) topped w white, then added stripes, an did a sort of mantra on top...
  16. ibct1969

    Purple soaps

    Got the purple sample pack from Nurture and made a couple. I tried my hand at a mica line too in one of them. The soap was too thin and it didn't really stay in a straight line... The other two were from a little batch inspired by Irish Lass's "Holiday Sparkle" soap. I just love that soap!
  17. ibct1969

    Oh, that crazy indigo

    So, I came across this beautiful pink soap here by Holly at Kapia Mera where she uses some indigo powder from Soap Making Resource but her soap comes out super light pink by using an infusion of the indigo into oil (see her specific process in...
  18. ibct1969

    Neon Cubes from Soap Queen's book

    I have some silicon ice cube trays that I bought a while ago (why, I don't know). Anyway, I saw a recipe in one of AM's books and gave it a shot, using those trays. I used the neons from BB and scented the batch with Nuture's Avobath (which is very bright and citrusy). Happy Fourth!
  19. ibct1969

    Left over micas in olive oil

    Hey all, I just made another batch yesterday of CP soap. This time used three different kinds of purple micas. For each color I use, I do 1 teaspoon of mica into 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Since I only made a 1 pound batch and used like 1/8 of a teaspoon of mixed up mica for each color, I...
  20. ibct1969

    White and black practice

    Hey all, Happy June! Trying my hand at white and black today. What a godawful mess activated charcoal is! I will be finding splats for months throughout my kitchen I bet. I used my badger paint mixer today and it's awesome- so glad I got one. Used Nurture's Death and Decay FO...