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  1. jadiebugs1

    Holi Colors for Bath Bomb?

    I was hoping to find answers to your very question on the Color Blast powder found at Michael's. I got a bunch of it the other day for 39 cents a bag!! I myself, was wondering if it could be added to MP or CP I was here looking to see if anyone uses (used) cornstarch in a CP recipe...
  2. jadiebugs1

    Anyone here have dreadlocks and make shampoo bars?

    Have you used any salt base products? You really don't say what it is that you use. I'd be very interested in knowing. How about baking soda?
  3. jadiebugs1

    Anyone here have dreadlocks and make shampoo bars?

    Salt Soap, Baking Soda, and ACV! Hi! I posted earlier (years ago) about what I wash my dreads with. They are no longer babies, about 2 1/2 years old and for the most part they are behaving quite well. I've never cut open one of my dreads to check for build up of any kind, but I'm pretty sure...
  4. jadiebugs1

    Disadvantages of using too much cocoa butter?

    My brother carried Cocoa Butter in his tanker....he cleaned out the 'pipes' of left over and provided me with a bunch of 'free' cocoa butter. :p I want to use a large portion of this cocoa butter and get some soap made so I want to make a 'luxury cocoa butter bar' using 50% CB. Other than...
  5. jadiebugs1

    CP efficiency tips for a newbie?

    Since I live alone, I put on my headphones and jam out to some Shaggy. :)
  6. jadiebugs1

    Don't touch my junk.

    Oh, Ian, how I have missed you. I'll never forget how you dogged my Shaggy....said he was mainstream. :crazy: How long ago did you have dreads?
  7. jadiebugs1

    Anyone here have dreadlocks and make shampoo bars?

    Absolutely!! I've been there and done that! I'm a white women with thick hair. I currently use my salt bar made with coconut milk and rinse with vinegar and water mix. I often wonder if there isn't something better. Oh, and my dreads are only 8 months new..... :thumbup:
  8. jadiebugs1

    trouble with pigments!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my “mini frother!!”. :razz:. Don't think I could color soap without it :/
  9. jadiebugs1

    Dreadlock Wax

    Thanks for your help. :cool: I will be making it and trying it tomorrow...I'll let ya know how it works....
  10. jadiebugs1

    Dreadlock Wax

    I was wondering if anyone here has any experience or ideas when it comes to making dreadlock wax. I have 'baby' dreads...they are only a little over 3 months old....not locking yet (well, in spots they are). I want to make a wax for rolling them after they are clean and dry. I have plenty of...
  11. jadiebugs1

    dreadlock shampoo?

    my dreads are only a little over 3 months old. I have just been washing it with GM soap, or salt soap....I was originally looking for any advice on making a dread wax with beeswax and hemp oil/coconut oil/jojoba...any thoughts?
  12. jadiebugs1

    dreadlock shampoo?

    my search on "dreadlock" brought me here to this one and only thread. sad really....I was hoping to find someone to communicate about the care of my growing dreads.....guess I'll pop on over to another forum....
  13. jadiebugs1

    Coconut Milk/Lye

    Well, I doubt anyone was holding their breath waiting to see how this worked out, but I've been meaning to let you know for awhile now. :oops: So. I added some water, just a bit....warmed it in a hot water bath and stick blended the coconutmilk/lye solution. It worked! Amazingly...
  14. jadiebugs1

    Coconut Milk/Lye

    I had started out using my coconut & goat milk (and tomato juice) like this, BUT...I want to use all coconut milk, not 1/2 water. I still haven't done anything with this yet but added about a tablespoon of water and warmed it in a hot water bath. It loosened it up some, but not enough I don't...
  15. jadiebugs1

    Coconut Milk/Lye

    Oh....I didn't realize HP had anything to do with a crockpot. :oops: First I'm going to try a hot water bath, see if it works...I doubt I could make it any worse anyway. If that doesn't work I guess I'll add more liquid and stick blend the crap out of it....and if THAT doesn't...
  16. jadiebugs1

    Coconut Milk/Lye

    Oooooh, I didn't think about the fat in the coconut milk....ugh. But your logic there does make sense. HP means hot process, right?? Never done that before (though I've thought about it on several occasions) so I'm not sure. How would doing the soap HP be different than CP? I guess what...
  17. jadiebugs1

    Affordable and effcient colors?

    What/where is BCN??
  18. jadiebugs1

    Coconut Milk/Lye

    Hi All! I have a problem I'm hoping someone has a solution to. I froze my canned coconut milk then added my lye slowly, it was fine until I had to abandon the process due to an emergency. So it sat there on the counter overnight and the next day. Now my lye/milk mixture is the...
  19. jadiebugs1

    Apple Cider Vinegar Soap?

    really??? I mean.....REALLY????
  20. jadiebugs1

    Goats milk

    I believe the raw milk keeps longer. In fact....I buy raw milk in the carton. I have let it set out on the counter for days then used it to make soap. Worked fine. I believe I learned way back when that a certain person on this forum kept it in buckets, unrefridgerated. I've never tried...