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  1. Best Natural Soap

    Need reliable info on max use limits

    Hi all- Anyone know of a good website with recommended use limits on things like EO's, oxides, etc.? Each supplier I use offers them, but it would be nice to have one, bookmarked site that tells all. Thanks!
  2. Best Natural Soap

    Rebatching Oatmeal and Honey Soap.

    Every batch of soap I've ever made was insulated and went through gel, until a few weeks ago. That was just the way I learned, and it worked well for me. Lyn (a member here) had suggested putting my soap in the fridge to preserve the look of some mounded tops I was trying to make. It worked like...
  3. Best Natural Soap

    oops too much black oxide

    I used 4T. to 5 1/2# of oils. My supplier recommends up to 1 Tablespoon per pound of oils.
  4. Best Natural Soap

    My very first batch of soap!!

    Scales are soooo important! Mine is a digital-- I've learned to keep an eye on it, though-- when the batteries are dying, the measurements aren't as accurate- even though the display looks fine. :cry:
  5. Best Natural Soap

    Soaping with my Niece

    What gorgeous colors!! I especially love the glitter- haven't used it yet, but was actually just asking on the forum the other day about it... My daughters and I like to soap together too! They've actually created some of my customers' favorite EO blends. Anything we can do as...
  6. Best Natural Soap

    Unmolded after only 4 hours...tell me it'll be ok.

    so, in a salt bar, is it the high % of coconut oil that causes it to set up so fast, or is it the salt? I assumed it was the salt!!! My first salt bar attempt a few weeks back, set up SO quickly-- luckily I cut it quickly- if I remember, it was only 5 hours after pour-- because the next...
  7. Best Natural Soap

    Pomace vs. Reg. olive oil

    Does anyone use Pomace? I haven't tried it, but it seems to be just a bit less expensive than regular olive oi. What differences would it create in the bars?
  8. Best Natural Soap

    I have DOS on my first batch I did on April 30th..??

    I guess I've been lucky in the DOS arena. I've never had bars develop them. I cure in my basement, with a dehumidifier running. There are several small basement windows, so there's light, but not much, and it doesn't shine on the bars. From what I've read about DOS, it's a matter of which...
  9. Best Natural Soap

    Done Deal. First Batch made!

    I love lemongrass!! Just bought a new bottle to use in place of lemon EO. I'm not usually a fan of patchouli, but I bet in combination, it's probably nice. Can't wait to see pictures!!
  10. Best Natural Soap

    What's Tooth Soap?

    My dad used a natural tooth soap when I was little. I think it was "Toms?" or something similar. The taste was certainly..... different from my Crest!! I'm intrigued though. Maybe if I see some at a craft show, I'll try it. oops-edited to say "tooth" soap :)
  11. Best Natural Soap

    How much cocoa to use to color my 10lb batch brown?

    I made a chocolate soap last night, and used 4 T. to a 5# (oil) batch. The color was just like dark chocolate fudge pudding. I had made some before, and only used 2T. The color was almost the same- but the scent was mostly gone after 2 months.
  12. Best Natural Soap

    oops too much black oxide

    My first attempts at a black soap colored with activated charcoal left black drips all over the shower and turned my washcloths black! Luckily, everything just washed right out. When I cut back on the charcoal, I didn't get the same intense black. I used 1/4 c. to a 5#(oil) batch. What...
  13. Best Natural Soap

    Rebatching Oatmeal and Honey Soap.

    I haven't had much luck with getting my rebatches to look pretty. So, I agree that if these don't zap, I would just let them be their gorgeous little selves!! Great soap- just not the look you were going for. By the way, CPVC pipe (sold at Lowe's, etc) can withstand temps up to 220 F...
  14. Best Natural Soap

    Shampoo separation :(

    Yay for you!! I haven't dabbled in shampoos yet. Are they every bit as nice as the commercial products you were using before? Or, do you have those "I wish it was more like...." moments? I remember trying to get my mom to try my soap when I was in college- she said it left more soap scum...
  15. Best Natural Soap

    Cosmetic Database...What's In Your Shampoo etc.???

    Oh my... don't get me started. We were at Mt. Rushmore about a month ago, and a drinking fountain in the visitor center had a noted posted above it stating that the water at Rushmore was found to have higher amounts of arsenic than had previously been recorded, but that it was still safe to...
  16. Best Natural Soap

    Graininess with Shea Butter in soap?

    I got spots last night too... but they turned out to be bubbles, afterall! Funny- they look identical until you slice the bars and can see the little hollow centers!!! Thanks Deda, for the stearic explanation- I've gotten THOSE spots as well, and always wondered which oil was responsible...
  17. Best Natural Soap

    A few of my soaps

    Those are great!! I love your labels- they're fun! :)
  18. Best Natural Soap

    Best recipe w/ these ingredients...?

    Right- it's not about saponification-it's about an oils' beneficial qualities. I'm such a science geek- I googled around a bit, and found this article (not the best writing, but good info) about differences between shea butter and cocoa butter. I found it interesting- thought I'd share with...
  19. Best Natural Soap


    I could only hope to not be able to qualify for their services in a few years!!! LOL! I didn't know they won't cover larger businesses. Hmm. One more thing to look into as I grow.... So, what does an over $5000 soapmaker do, besides HMSG?
  20. Best Natural Soap

    Green Tea Coloring

    you're funny! My mom loves all my soaps with stuff in them- and she's a bath-taker... I can't imagine all the gunk floating around!! Then again, she likes "bath tea," too- The loose sort that you just scoop into the tub. not me. I like scrubby little blueberry seeds. They're probably my...