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  1. Rick Jarvis

    Rick's gone level crazy

    So I usually make slab mold soaps. If your mold isn't really level you get sloped soap. So have been re leveling the soap mold table every time. Not sure why it doesn't stay level. I think the molds are a bit off but it was time consuming and frustrating to re level after each batch...So this is...
  2. Rick Jarvis

    Farmer's Market cancelled because of nice weather

    Our market was cancelled without notice yesterday due to some weather reports that might have included t-storms. The day was beautiful, sunny and no t storms. Sigh...loaded the rig, drove there, no one was there, no notice....sigh. End of Rant
  3. Rick Jarvis

    Bigger masterbatch idea..will it fly?

    So moving ahead with my production levels..taking it up a little notch. I have been "masterbatching" individual containers of lye and oils that make one batch for me. I make up around 12 sets at a time which lasts less than a week and is a huge pain to replenish. 12 containers of lye and 12 of...
  4. Rick Jarvis

    I found 99% Isopropyl

    Here in Seattle it is hard to find any let alone 99%. I found a gallon on Amazon for 19.95. It's a lot of alcohol but now I can just worry about gloves. Grab it if you need it. Not sure how long that will be available.
  5. Rick Jarvis

    Three window soap boxes

    Anyone have a lead on three window soap boxes like Paper Mart lists but never seems to have. I'd prefer white but Kraft is ok too. Thanks Rick
  6. Rick Jarvis

    Rick's glove hack

    So I thought I'd share my glove hack as gloves are getting hard to find and way more money than they used to be. So unless you have an air compressor this won't help...but if you do. Instead of just peeling off the gloves and tossing them. I wash my hands still in the gloves...covid clean. Then...
  7. Rick Jarvis

    Sharing what I thought is a pretty good deal

    So I designed my business cards at Vista Print but couldn't get them exactly right. I took advantage of their offer to work live through Zoom with one of their graphic designers and we could work on line and on screen for a half of an hour. It cost 10.00 and I am very happy with the outcome. We...
  8. Rick Jarvis

    Boiling lye no lie

    So I after study decided to add citric acid to my lye. Heated the lye water then added the citric acid so it would dissolve. Then measured and added the lye. WOW. I have been masterbatching lye for awhile with no issues. But today..whoa..shortly after adding the lye to the citric acid and water...
  9. Rick Jarvis

    Small soaps for donations

    I read about how someone said places like homeless centers and other such places are in need of soap and that smaller soaps would work out better as often there aren't facilities for storing soap etc so aim for one time use sizes. I had some leftover batter yesterday and I poured it into my...