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  1. RevolutionSoap

    Lib Balm Sweetener

    I started experimenting with some lip balms this week. Something I've been trying to do for some time. But I think the flavors are a little tart. Do most of you put a sweetener in your balms? Last night I made one with Peppermint EO and one with Island Delight from MMS. I gave away about 24...
  2. RevolutionSoap

    Masculine Fall Scent

    I've had some requests for more "masculine" scents. So with Fall quickly approaching, I decided to take a look around. I just can't find anything that really stands out to me. And so much Fall stuff falls into the Pumpkin category. Any suggestions my friends? I'm fine using FO or EO...
  3. RevolutionSoap

    Hair and Beard Pudding

    I'm absolutely addicted to this product my "stylist" recommended for me. It's a really good leave in moisturizer/styling cream for my hair without making it sticky. I just hate paying so much for something I might be able to make myself. Any of you made anything like this product...
  4. RevolutionSoap

    Design Idea/Suggestion

    The wife wants me to make her a rose soap with a design similar to the picture below. Any ideas on how to do it And in case you are interested, this is the scent I'll be using. Rose Hips & Reishi from WSP
  5. RevolutionSoap

    St Patrick’s Day FO ideas

    I’ve had so much fun making Christmas soaps for neighbor and friend gifts that I want to make more holiday themed soaps. I’m going to do some for Valentines (yawn). But I’d really like to get some ideas on any St Patrick’s day scents. Maybe @IrishLass will have some ideas for me. Ive only...
  6. RevolutionSoap

    Recipe Advice

    I've been using many recipes and like most of us playing with different properties. Attached is what I've been using lately. But I'd like to increase the bubbly and maybe the cleansing without losing any hardness. Any advice? I prefer not to use animal fats. I don't sell per se except to...
  7. RevolutionSoap

    FO recommendation

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to order that from WS I’ve been wanting to try some of their FO's anyway. So far I've only purchased from BB, NG and from a local (hour away) place called Pine Meadows in Provo, Ut. The later had a sent called Sea Salt and Lime that I quite like. But...
  8. RevolutionSoap

    FO recommendation

    I’m looking for a nice FO that is a marine/ocean scent but also a bit woodsie. If I could find one that smelled like driftwood and sea salt that may be perfect. Any suggetions?
  9. RevolutionSoap

    Sweet Almond Oil VS Almond Oil

    I have a recipe that I want to use that calls for Sweet Almond Oil. I have in my possession two different kinds of Almond Oil and really only want to use it up before it expires. Can they be used interchangeably?
  10. RevolutionSoap

    Best EO Brands

    I've been doing some research on EO's for a friend that gets terrible migraines. The amount of EO companies out there is astonishing! Does anyone have any suggestions on brands that are reliable and have good quality? For now I'm going to use a blend in an inhaler for her. But it would be...
  11. RevolutionSoap

    The Best Cold Process Soap Recipe?

    Does anyone have an opinion on this recipe? The Best Cold Process Soap Recipe 11 oz. coconut oil 9 oz. olive oil 9 oz. palm oil 2 oz. sweet almond oil 4 oz. castor oil 4 oz. avocado oil 2 oz. mango butter
  12. RevolutionSoap

    Infusing oils

    I'm just starting to experiment with infusing olive oil with herbs from my garden and local area. So far I have some lavender and meadow sage drying. I'm not entirely sure what those yellow flowers are :) What have you infused successfully? And did you infuse it dry or fresh?
  13. RevolutionSoap

    Welcome to me!!!

    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself here. I hope to be here for a long time gleaming from all of your knowledge. I first got drawn here by looking for info on making my own soaps. My wife is having some nerve issues and we're trying everything that we can think of to go tout naturel...
  14. RevolutionSoap

    Are FO and EO interchangeable

    Hello all, First-time poster, short time lurker :-) I'm getting ready to order my first supplies for some fun soap making. I just don't know and can't find the answer as to whether or not a recipe can interchange FO and EO. Below is the recipe/link that I'm planning to start using to get...