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  1. Soapprentice

    Silk protein in liquid soap

    As I am experimenting with liquid soap, I want to try all the things in it.... So, I have both oil soluble and water soluble silk protein. Did any one of you try it in liquid soap? Does it have any noticable difference when used with and without it?
  2. Soapprentice

    Formulating Liquid Soap

    So, all the liquid soap experts, I have a question, well not ‘a’ but here they go.. can we use the same formula we have for solid soap for a liquid soap? does too much coconut oil result in drying an issue? As glycerine is added too... we look at hardness, drying and lasting in solid soap, what...
  3. Soapprentice

    My new piped soap

    These are the new soaps I made for a friend and totally in love with how they came out!
  4. Soapprentice

    Soapmaker software

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I was active on soap making forum but I was busy making lots of soap as gifts and samples. Though I have only 4 recipes that I absolutely love, I am very confident with those and know everything about them. As I love Soaping, the cost is getting out of hand and...
  5. Soapprentice

    Point of interest

    Is it just me or nobody could access Susan's blog swiftcraftymonkey?
  6. Soapprentice

    Whipped body butter help

    Hey guys, I tried my hand at a whipped body butter for myself with 50% Shea 10- mango, 20-Co, 10- Argan and 10 -Jojoba oil. It was perfect for my skin butthere was a small issue, it melts if not refrigerated . I am from India and the temperature is a little high and it melts. I considered adding...
  7. Soapprentice

    Question to the science nerds.

    I read in few threads that the speed of trace depends on how fast lye molecules react with fat molecules. Clearly olive oil and coconut oil take a long time to trace. So, I am guessing that the lye takes a while to bind with these particular oils. So, here is my question: lye reacts to which oil...
  8. Soapprentice

    Piping soap recipe feedback

    Hey guys, I tried soap piping today and the texture came out grainy and the batter kept breaking up coming from the tip. My recipe is olive - 55, shea -10, coco butter-10, coconut -20 , castor - 5, SF- 5. No fragrance. Additive - colloidal oatmeal. The excess batter was placed in individual...
  9. Soapprentice

    KOH purity

    So guys, I heard so much about dual lye and wanted to try it out. I got extra pure KOH and the supplier claims its 99% pure. So, do I change the 90% to 99 in soapee?
  10. Soapprentice

    Your fav fragrance oils

    Hey guys, I have friends coming from the US and are willing to get some fragrance oils along. So, please give some FOs that you absolutely love and where I can order for a sample. Looking forward to smelling some amazing scents.
  11. Soapprentice

    Alternative to crockpot / slow cooker for HP?

    Here I am, again, with more questions :D.. I have been doing CP soap for about 4 months and loving every bit of it. And recently I happen to see some HP and wanted to try shave soap and transparent soap. The issue is, in India, we don't use crockpots and slow cookers in our cooking. We get...
  12. Soapprentice

    Mica line broke the soap

    Hey guys, yesterday, I made a soap with a mica line for the first time. Today, I cut it and the soap broke at the mica line. Too much mica? It's a 100% CO soap with SF20%.
  13. Soapprentice

    100% Coconut oil soap with SF>20...

    Hey guys, did anyone try a 100% CO soap with SF >20? Why and why not? I made a 70%CO with 20 SF and it feels good on my skin. It made me wonder if I were to make a 100% Co soap, should I go higher than 20? I'm new and hovering in the zone of 'what ifs' lately :D...
  14. Soapprentice

    50% Shea Soap.v

    Hey guys, for the April 2017 Challenge, I made my 1st 50% Shea Butter soap. I just tried one soap today out of curiosity. The lather does not exist whatsoever but my skin feels heavenly after washing my hands merely after 10 days cure. I wonder how well it will do with a longer cure. Here is the...
  15. Soapprentice

    Question regarding vanilla discolouration

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding vanilla. Suppose if we separate the batter into two and added 2 separate FOs one being vanilla and used them in the same soap, does vanillin discolour the part with no vanilla too?
  16. Soapprentice

    Sharing my happiness

    Guys, today I would like to share my happiness... As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, In India, handmade soaping is still in its baby steps and there are no stores or online stores for hobby soapers.. so, I have been doing research where I could get some FOs and found a supplier and...
  17. Soapprentice

    Soap sticking to the holder

    Guys, I have a question that might sound silly but you are the experts, so here it is: I heard people raving about 100% coconut oil soap and thought of giving it a try. As a girl with dry skin, the thought gave me an uncomfortable feeling so went with 70% CO, 20% OO and 10% Shea with 20% SF...
  18. Soapprentice

    New soap!

    Made a soap using loaf mould for the 1st time today and I think I like the loaf mould the most. Here are some pictures. I should say I am proud of my swirls, 1st at it too.
  19. Soapprentice

    Confusion regarding lye concentration

    Here comes another newbie question, I made 2 batches of soap so far and both the times used the default lye concentration on SoapCalc and both the times, the soap set up kinda fast. Before making soap, I read few blogs regarding the lye concentration and they said, more water, more time to...
  20. Soapprentice

    Help with extreme skin recipe

    Hi guys, my husband has a very oily T-zone and dry and sensitive cheeks and jaw area. His skin is kinda scaling off on his beard region ( I hope this makes sense) when using the store bought soap and as I started making handmade soap, he asked me to formulate one for him. I am thinking of a 50%...