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  1. artemis

    Outdoor soapers

    As I sit on the patio, watching the pollen, bugs and bits of plant drift by, I was wondering: How do outdoor soapers keep debris out of their soap batter? Or, do you only mix the lye outside? Maybe I just have more stuff floating around. Here's the view from the patio.
  2. artemis

    Unasked for advice

    My niece is getting married this summer. For her shower, I am giving her a box labeled "Things you asked for" with gifts from her registry. In a box marked "Things you didn't ask for" I will put useful things that you don't think of til you need them. Like, masking tape and sharpies, a couple of...
  3. artemis

    "Your skin is your largest organ..."

    Back story: In a very civil FB soaping group, a gal and I are talking about food coloring in baking sprinkles, and how she thinks those dyes are too dangerous to put onto skin. I asked if she also limited her consumption of foods containing those colorants and this was her response: "Your skin...
  4. artemis

    Finals from Home

    The news is so full of all the grads who have to miss out on their special days. We don't have one of those this year, but Omni has her first final exam from home today. She thought it was going to be tomorrow, so she is stressed out, feeling like she missed a day of studying. If you are a...
  5. artemis

    Pressed vs. Processed

    Whenever I see someone on the forum write "cold pressed," I always assume that autocorrect changed "processed" into "pressed." Hearing it again in a Dr. Squatch commercial, I googled "cold pressed soap" and found a whole lot of people selling hand made cold pressed soaps. What does this phrase...
  6. artemis


    In Terry Pratchett's Discworld, the color of magic is called "octarine." In the earlier books, it's described as a yellow-greenish purple, but in later books it's called an orange/purple color. That's a long way to say, "here's my octarine soap"! Scented with Sun & Sand (Bulk Apothecary) and...
  7. artemis

    How quickly did you start

    I'm a bull-in-a-china-shop kind of gal. I grew up with my dad saying, "if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer." So, when I decided to make soap, I bought the NaOH at the Lowe's, found a recipe online, and just tried it. I know there are a few here who also jumped right in, but more...
  8. artemis

    Over blending the oils

    Sometimes I use the stick blender to incorporate something (like kaolin, for example) into my oils before adding the lye solution. Could this cause too much air to be incorporated into my soap? I ask, because sometimes I end up with a batch that is much lighter and more crumbly than other...
  9. artemis

    Not Ione

    This is probably my only soap this month, so I'm not entering the challenge. I did make an attempt at Ione's swirl, but I think it was too runny. I am very happy with how it came out, just the same. Looks a little early seventies to me.
  10. artemis

    Actual baths

    As I flip through the forum first thing this morning, my sleepy thought is: just how many adults take actual baths, anyway? I see questions and recipes for bath salts, bath bombs, bath tea... And I know fancy colored spinning bombs are the thing, but I haven't taken a bath since my last...
  11. artemis

    Finger Foods

    We like to do a sort of mini-superbowl party for our kids. We've also been invited to a "game night" dinner, to which we have been asked to only bring finger foods. It made me wonder: what are your favorite finger foods or appetizers to make?
  12. artemis

    Merry Soap-mas!

    We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  13. artemis

    Menthol at Amazon

    I am planning to purchase some menthol crystals in the very near future. I know I can get them at Bramble Berry and Bulk Apothecary, but I do not have any other soapy needs right now to justify the shipping. What do you think about buying menthol crystals on Amazon?
  14. artemis

    Gray Day Motivation

    I have my challenge soap all planned out. The recipe is printed, the workspace cleared, supplies gathered together. It is so quiet and gray outside, I just seem to be moving in slow motion. I'll probably put a movie on my tablet to break me out of it, but I was wondering what other people do...
  15. artemis

    Just Checking...

    So, it's probably good to change OUT of the church clothes BEFORE soaping.... :rolleyes:
  16. artemis

    Forum App

    Who do I talk to about the latest update to the app? So far it's great-- clean, easy to navigate. Today, though, I'm noticing a glitch when I try to reply to a post. Should I just try to explain here, or should I message a particular person?
  17. artemis

    Fair/market customer thoughts

    Bear in mind that I am writing this as a customer, not as a vendor. Also, I'm not trying to criticize,or start a pile-on about bad experiences. We were visiting an Arts/Crafts fair yesterday. It's a pretty big deal event in our town, which likes to cultivate a quaint but upscale image. As I...
  18. artemis

    More Soapy History

    We watch a lot of videos about different time periods. Here is one about soap from Modern History, which focuses on the lives of medieval knights, which was just uploaded today.
  19. artemis

    Laundry Circa 1780

    There's no soap making in this video, but it is related to soapy things, so I thought I'd share:
  20. artemis

    College Kid Prayers

    If you are the praying kind... It's exam season, so obviously pray for all the college kids. But, my own freshman is having her last finals today and tomorrow. She's on the edge of panic and far from home. She has some special issues that make things a little harder for her than other kids...