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  1. Anstarx

    Cold Rebatch Castile

    Wow I lived in New England for some years and never know that! I looked them up and they are so adorable! Now I'm tempted to make a new batch just so I can make soap balls. My friends' kids would love them.
  2. Anstarx

    Cold Rebatch Castile

    I was only going for a simple castile with this one but my new wire cutter was giving me troubles, so I decided it was time for me to try cold rebatch. Cold rebatch is more popular where I live comparing to normal crockpot method. You just grate your soap up and just let it soak in the liquid...
  3. Anstarx

    Lemon hydrosol safe in hand lotion?

    I finally decided to dip my toes in lotion making and want to start with a simple hand lotion. My supplier gifted me a bottle of lemon hydrosol with my last purchase. I don't usually use hydrosol in my routines so it's been collecting dust, figured it's time to use it up. But lemon eo can't be...
  4. Anstarx

    Confetti Salt-out: A few “firsts”

    man they look like cocoa nougats
  5. Anstarx

    Fragrance for Dish Detergent?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like it's time to use up all the citrus EO that I can't use in soap.
  6. Anstarx

    Fragrance for Dish Detergent?

    I've been using my own liquid soap paste as dish detergent for a while now and liking it. I use it unscented, but now I want to add scent to it. I have FOs that are safe for soap and stay-on products. I also have a lot of essential oil samples that I would like to use up (lavender, lemon, tea...
  7. Anstarx

    Ocean Waves (first scrapper!)

    Video I modeled and 3D printed the scrapper I used for this one. It did make quite some scraps that I made into samples, but it was so fun to use! Oddly satisfying to see the batter being scrapped. If anyone's interested, I can share the stl file. It's two-sided, and can be scrapped either way...
  8. Anstarx

    Shea butter

    My understanding is that you are asking for suggestion for using shea butter as a superfat (as in you add it last) when mixing? When doing CP adding a superfat at last doesn't really make sure it will stay there when saponification finished, since the soap will take at least 24-48 hours to...
  9. Anstarx

    Honey Avocado Soap

    My supplier just says green clay for face masks, so dunno about the French part. It's green and clay for sure haha. If you don't want minty and maybe herbal scents like tea tree or rosemary? I think a green fruity scent like lime (FO of course) or cucumber may work with the green theme, too.
  10. Anstarx

    Dragon Fruit

    I did posted it but the subtitles got all messed up, and I lost the OG file without the subtitles, so I decided to just pull the plug :oops:
  11. Anstarx

    Dragon Fruit

    Trying to utilize my different-sized pipe molds ;) Don't have a video one because I accidentally lost the files :rolleyes: The process is basically make the white part with a smaller pvc pipe, freeze after sitting for 24 hours, thaw, put it in a bigger pvc mold, then pour in the red part...
  12. Anstarx

    Cucumber and Mint

    Thanks all \(≧▽≦)/
  13. Anstarx

    Sodium Lactate Issue

    Try using the same unit for all your weights. 208g lye and 19oz (528g) water is about a 1:2.5 ratio, which is a lot of water, and perha[ps why you have water beading on top. I usually use a 1:2 lye water ratio which is plenty enough to make complicated designs. I will use as low as 1:1.5 I want...
  14. Anstarx

    Cucumber and Mint

    I've been wanting to make a cucumber soap as early as I just started soaping, and finally made one! Mostly because I kept eating the cucumber that was meant for soap :rolleyes: Used cucumber juice as water, and used both menthol crystal and Cucumber Mint from NG for fragrance. Colored with green...
  15. Anstarx

    Vegetable shortening vs Palm in soap?

    I don't live in the US now, I got it from a small local supplier here. From the number I speculated they probably calculated it using the ratio of palm and soy in the shortening.
  16. Anstarx

    Making liquid/HP soap on a portable induction cooker?

    Thanks for the all the advice and help, off to order me a induction-cooker-compatible steel pot!
  17. Anstarx

    Making liquid/HP soap on a portable induction cooker?

    So far I've bough, used, and trashed two crockpots for my liquid soap adventure. Both were cheaper models, but not cheap enough for me to justify buying more just for a couple of soaping session. I know I definitely want and need to do more liquid and HP soap, so I turned to my induction cooker...
  18. Anstarx

    Does oatmilk harden soap?

    Could it be the starch content making the soap harden faster, similar to adding sugar makes soap batter trace faster and easier to gel?
  19. Anstarx

    Classic watermelon 🍉

    I've been wanting to making a watermelon soap ever since I got my hand on Natures Garden's sour watermelon candy. I love watermelons but never a fan of artificial watermelon scent. This FO is different though, and just screams summer, so a classic watermelon design it is. I considered using...
  20. Anstarx

    Olive Oil Pomace vs EVOO

    I used to use pomace and EV both. EV for more luxury face bars and pomace for regular shower bars. Pomace traces faster than EV or regular OO but it's still slow to trace in general. Some call it fast-tracing but I found it's still super fluid after beating it with my SB for 20 min. Faster then...