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    Bath Bomb Video - Feedback Requested

    I just posted this video of one of my bath bombs and was hoping for some feedback. This recipe has a little bit of cocoa butter and poly-80 and still floats. It fizzes for a decent enough time but I'm not sure if it fizzes enough. I've made bath bombs that had a much more volatile reaction...
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    Email to market manager...HELP!

    I have a sticky situation and need some advice. I joined a farmers market that runs from June until the end of October. I signed up for every week and paid for the season in advance (saved some $ that way). The market is small, usually around 15 vendors, but I like it...the vendors near me are...
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    Question about blue mica morphing

    I was making a batch of soap for my son and the pretty blue mica ended up a grayish green color. My recipe is pretty white so I am thinking that it may have been the FO. If it turns out that the FO is the culprit, would coloring the batch with titanium dioxide first allow me to then add the...
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    33% Off FOs at Aztec International

    I just checked my email and saw that all Aztec's FOs are going to be 33% off 3/5 only (limit one bottle per FO). Just wanted to share. Of course I just spent a small fortune stocking up on FOs...figures! :problem:
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    Opinions Needed for Facial Recipe

    Would this recipe make a good facial bar? Avocado - 20% Castor - 10% Lard - 20% Rice Bran - 20% Tallow - 30% Soapcalc numbers: Hardness - 35 Cleansing - 3 Conditioning - 60 Bubbly - 12 Creamy - 42 Iodine - 73 INS - 115 Any amount of coconut oil dries out my face horribly...
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    Yay, this is my first post!

    Hi Everyone! I've been lurking around for a few months and finally worked up the nerve to join. I've learned a lot just by lurking and wanted to thank all the posters who generously offer advice and support. I wish I could express how wonderful it is to know that there is a whole community of...