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    Hanger Swirl

    I cut this today after making it last night. I'm working with my favorite sandalwood FO which unfortunately accelerates a bit so being quick is necessary. I ran out of TD, so I've been experimenting with designs without it until my order arrives. The colors are really off on my cellphone...
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    Playing with Ultramarine Blue and Titanium Dioxide

    UB is my favorite blue colorant, partly because of its price, but also because again it's predictable and makes a great mixing colorant to get other shades and colors. A little goes a long way. This is a simple in-the-mold spoon swirl I made yesterday and just cut this morning. There is...
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    Playing with Red & Yellow Oxides

    Two cheap colorants, a world of possibilities that I've been exploring. The orange is red mixed with the yellow oxide. Sorry about the crappy cellphone photos...
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    Simulating wood

    The way I've achieved the wood effect before is by painstakingly squirting out soap in little lines from squeeze bottles, and trying to get it out before it starts to set. It works really well, but it's so stressful. I've also experimented with an in-pot ribbon pour to get a wood type effect...
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    More soap recycling

    I've managed to recycle about 15 kg of soap loaf ends and planer shavings within the last couple months. I found through experimentation that I can go half-and-half soap batter to recycled soap without having problems with bubbles or air pockets. Yesterday I used up the last 2 kg, mostly very...
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    Sandalwood FO?

    I have a sandalwood FO that I get from Candora Soap, and it smells exactly like wet, very rich organic dirt. It reminds me a tiny bit of good dark patchouli, but still very different and goes extremely well with it. That's the best way I can describe it because in all honesty, I don't think I've...
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    Layered Soap with annatto for yellow

    There was some talk here about botanical colorants, and it reminded me to use up some of my annatto infused olive oil yesterday. So I did, but to make it interesting than plain yellow soap I decided to layer it with some ultramarine blue. All contain some TD to get a more pastel opaque look...
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    What to do with soap shavings and loaf ends

    1. Rebatch into balls! 2. Just throw them into soap batter! These are the other 2 soaps I made yesterday and cut this morning. I hate wasting soap. :wink: Since both soaps contained more saponified soap pieces than new soap batter by weight, CPOP was used to ensure gel (even in the old...
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    Hunter's Camo Soap

    One of three different soaps made yesterday, just cut this morning. Flavored with cedar EO with just a splash of lemongrass EO to freshen it up a bit.
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    Hello, another from Ontario here

    I've been lurking for a long time and I've learned a lot here. Finally decided to join up. I'm mostly into cp soap now but looking to expand my horizons. Question: Has anyone found a use for those NDA 1000 ml metal bottles that their EO comes in? I empty them into the amber 500 ml...