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    Anyone sell an Origins Type - Ginger Candle?

    Since I don't make candles, I'm looking for a spot-on dupe candle to buy for my own use. Anyone have some for sale? :)
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    Obsession (Men) - Recommendations?

    Before I buy the only over at Sweet Cakes - I thought I'd see if anyone here could recommend a spot-on dupe of Obesssion for Men. Thanks!
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    My Soap Business - Can't do it.

    Well I've been soaping for about a year and a half now, with the intent to sell soap at a local indoor flea market, online, and a few other opportunities. Just this week I actually registered my business name with the state of New Jersey, and received my tax ID number, so I'm officially a...
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    Tax Exempt??

    Ok I was chatting with a friend recently about my business - she's trying to start a home-based business selling personalized greeting cards. Anyway, she made comment that if she buys supplies that are going to be used to make her cards or resell, that she didn't have to pay tax to the...
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    Are You Manufacturing or Retail?

    Just curious how you all classify your business - manufacturing or retail.
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    A Customer Wants Refund....hmm

    Well I sold three bars of lavender soap to a woman last week. They were lavender scented with some lavender buds on top as decoration, not actually inside the soap itself - just on top - and not overly done. Well, she comes back yesterday, complaining that the buds were messy in her tub and...
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    Shelf Life of FO?

    Anyone know the general shelf-life of a FO in its original container opened or unopened? I'm curious.
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    SLS - Just dont use this ingredient

    I've begun reading a lot of reports on SLS and the link to cancer. One scientific report linked the widespread use of SLS in personal products to the proliferation of early breast cancer in young women. Here's another such study below. I really think we should limit our use of SLS...cut...
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    On My 3rd stick blender!

    Well I'm getting more than pissey about these stick blenders - either burning out, or failing in some other way. I've had all of the cheep brands. I think I'm gonna swallow hard and plunk down cash for the Kitchen Aid.
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    Pearlized Soap?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get a pearlized affect to the CP bar similar to liquid soap? I've had a request for a pearlized white bar.
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    Etsy - Over Saturated?

    Don't you all think Etsy is completely over saturated with Bath & Body sellers? I mean, after a while they all start to blend together....sell the same items, the same scents, etc... I'm having second thoughts about opening and Etsy store. What's the point. How does a customer choose one...
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    Ginger Soufle' at BB gone.

    Well I was all set to reorder the Fantastic Ginger Soufle' FO from Bramble Berry today, and it's now only avail in 10 pound sizes. What a shame - that stuff rocked! I'll have to investigate another source.
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    Anyone Use Mica?

    I have mica I was thinking about mixing into my soap. I'm sure one of you has triend this - does it leave a glittery look on the skin after you use the soap? That would be not good. Also, can I mix the dry mica into the soap batter, or do I need to mix with oil or water before adding to...
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    Ugh - How much Canned Pumpkin???

    Today is not my day to search. How much canned pumpkin per pound of oils do I add at trace? Thanks!!!
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    Aloe Juice???

    I can't find the posts from Paul & co.....can someone tell me, do you use 100% aloe juice to replace the water, or do u have to mix it with water?
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    Question for Soap Sellers...

    I just wondering, do you find that colored bars of soap sell more than natural bars? I'm torn between colors and natural. Love them both.
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    Organizing/Storing Soap

    Ok - my one bedroom condo is tight on space, and I've been soaping like a mad man. I need to come up with some way to store/organize my soaps while they cure. Right now they're all lined up on my dining table like dominos. I'm thinking about getting some stackable plastic bins from...
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    Using glass container as a mold?

    Can this be done? Would I need to line the glass with plastic wrap so it releases? I wanna make more soap, but my one TOG mold is tied up today. Curses!
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    Whipping Up A Batch Today

    This morning I'm making a 2pound loaf of Baby Grace scented Babassu Soap. The FO smells fantastic in the jar - hope it holds up well in the soap. This was a personal request from my mom, who's wild about the perfume.