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    Birch Tar Oil Soap

    The sources on that article show more then enough proof imo that it would absolutely work to kill viruses and bacteria. Birch tar oil is approved in Canada for over counter sales in Canada and seems to be commonly combined with castor oil. Be interesting to see if the article gets updated once...
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    Birch Tar Oil Soap

    Thanks for that I will check it out! Yeah the only way I see the soap having much effect for health benefits would be leaving it on for a few minutes, much in the way some dandruff shampoos work. From what I have managed to dig up it seems for many different type of skin treatments using the tar...
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    Birch Tar Oil Soap

    I am interested in making soap from Birch tar oil because of the smell and it is used to treat many different skin and scalp issues. Also supposed to have a calming effect. I found a place to buy it at a good price at Birch Tar Oil 100mm/cc (Antiseptic) - Otzis Pouch Now I am having hard time...
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    Looking For Information On Distilling Birch

    I cut anywhere from 12-18 face cords of Birch (white) every year. Last year I started stripping the bark and dry distilling it to extract the oil which I refine down further into tar and sometimes pitch. This is done by destructive distill. The bark I cut in 6 inch wide strips and roll very...
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    Newest New Guy

    Hi all, Investigating making some Birch tar soap and landed here, lots of great info! Not sure if I will take this on or not but definitely interested.