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    All Natural Fragrance Oils? HUH?

    WSP has "all natural" FO's now, and I don't quite get it. The ingredients say: "Blend of essential oils, resins and natural aromatic ingredients. All Natural." Is it an FO because of the resins and natural aromatic ingredients?
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    This soap is somethin' else.... ... d=11198112 I can see why it's called acid trip, but WOW, that is a lot of colors and swirling. Very cool looking. :)
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    Chocolate cake soap

    I'm still trying to decide - cupcake mold or smooth round mold? Used WSP Chocolate Drizzle and it smells like brownies. Had the hubby craving brownies all day. I guess now I have to make the edible kind tonight!
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    SMF is such a nice place

    I just wanted to say that I recently visited another (bigger) soap forum out there, and it just pointed out to me even more how nice and respectful and helpful everyone is on SMF. So, kudos!! This is a great group! :D
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    Need a little help finding resources

    Okay, I'm trying to find a book/website/tutorial/guidance/anything to make my own face cream, facial scrubs, etc. I wouldn't mind finding out how to make SLS-free shampoo to try either, I'm starting to wonder if I have a sensitivity to it. But face products are my quest right now. It's for...
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    Lip Balm FOs?

    Do FO's have to specifically be made for lip products (usually those are the sweetened ones, I've noticed) or can you use an FO that's merely labeled skin safe?
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    Okay, too cool not to share (Etsy shop) Looks like CP, look under sold items, cuz it seems like they are almost sold out of their stuff. That is really awesome looking stuff. :)
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    Soap Paint?

    This might be a weird question, but does anyone know how to make soap paint? As in stuff you can paint on MP soap, and it stays fairly well. I know they sell soap paints if I can't make it, but it's one of those things I thought I want to look into making myself...
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    Question about SFIC MP base

    Just wondering for those who use SFIC bases, which one do you like the best? Also if you have used WSP natural MP bases, how do they compare? I'm trying to decide whether or not to plunk down the extra money and get SFIC bases. If they are that much more fabulous than the WSP natural...
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    Why oh why...

    ...can't I have a supplier like Brambleberry here in Southern California - preferably within reasonable driving distance?? Shipping charges are killin' me and they're just gonna get worse with the gas prices! Oh well....
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    Difference between "hand-milling" and "rebatc

    Quick question: What's the difference between "hand-milling" and "rebatching" other than the reasons for doing doing one or the other? Are they the same melt down with water and possibly add other ingredients process? Thanks!
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    Preservative to use in MP?

    I'm looking for a preservative I can use in MP. Any suggestions? There's a whole list of preservatives on WSP, but I can't decide which one might be the best choice or if there's something out there that's a better choice... The reason I'm looking for a preservative is I found a MP recipe...
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    Wow, I won something!

    I just found out I won $35 in gift certificates at WSP! I get to go shopping Shopping SHOPPING! :)
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    Other online auction or marketplace sites?

    Seeing as how Ebay is changing their pricing structure and some other things as well that is making some people dissatisfied with it, and since Ebay isn't exactly a money maker for certain types of products to begin with, I'm trying to look into other selling venues. I know of and have heard...
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    My first craft fair :)

    Had my first craft fair this past weekend, I did pretty good. It was a craft fair at my church, so you wouldn't expect it to be huge or anything, but I still did pretty well. Sold about 1/2 my stock. :) On a funny note, I seriously stayed up all night the night before the craft fair. I...
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    Happy Craft Fair Thoughts to Smellitlikeitis

    I know she probably won't see it until she's back, but I was just thinking about her and her craft fair that started today (and the difficulties she was having in preparation!). Hopefully everything worked out with computers and labels and no car breakdowns!! Happy selling, smelli, hope you...
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    Just my little swirlies...

    It's midnight, and I just popped some soaps out of the mold and I think I FINALLY got both the right amount of lavender EO AND a pretty swirl, at the same time! Pardon my absurd excitement, but after so much frustration over the past week, any little success just makes my day!! Plus it's...
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    Jelly bean soap (MP)

    I made some jellybean soap last night. Smells great, but I need to work alot on my technique (but boy have I got good ideas for the next test batch!). Not too terribly for a first try. The big triumph in all this is that I have conquered the saran wrap issues I was having, YAY, LOL! :)
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    Re-melting M&P

    Does anyone know how many times you can melt MP? Or does it have a limit? Just wondering. I'm real careful with my MP, melt it at a low temperature and take precautions that it doesn't lose moisture. Just curious, cuz I'm finding I'm having to remelt this one batch a few times to get it...
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    Tea in MP soap

    So, I experimented with putting herbal tea in MP soap - it was a very dark red tea (herbal with cherries), I thought the red would give it a nice pink or red hue, and the tea smelled very cherry nice. But the moment I poured it into the melted soap it turned green instantly, almost like a...