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    Do you see any blue???

    I was making a batch for a friend and wanted to do a seascape..sand on the bottom, seaweed, then a dark blue for the sea, lighter blue for the sky and some golden sparkles on top. Everything that could go wrong went wrong with this batch. I managed to spill my Caustic soda when measuring it, I...
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    Shining Soap

    Hi Folks, I wondered if there is a way to make soaps appear more shiney? There isn't any dustiness or anything but I'd really like the ones I coloured to look like a stone to be shinier
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    Adding water or oil when mixing colourants

    Hi Folks, I get confused about adding additional water or oil to a recipe if you use them for mixing colourants. Why do you need to be so careful with quantities when putting your recipe together but then you're allowed to add extra (of either) when you want to premix colourants? I watch youtube...
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    Trying new stuff (for me!)

    I just did my first attempt at achieving a pattern like woodgrain. I'm really happy with how the actual design making went and how it turned out. I decided to start trying the colours (Yup - I know it should have been browns etc )but I have more blues and pale pink than brown and just wanted to...
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    Any idea what would have caused this?

    My sister sent me this video about a soap she was gifted (NOT BY ME! lol) and tried. I've never seen this before - any idea what the slime is?
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    Hi Folks,

    Great to be here. Am truly appreciating the wealth of knowledge and experience and how everyone is happy to share that. Thank you so much