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    Does styrax benzoin essential oil discolor soap?

    Got a bottle of it, but don't want to start using it in everything and having all my soap colors morph! Experience with it and results?
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    First Time liquid soaper. Do i choose Soapcalc KOH or 90% KOH?

    I have KOH from essential depot. Never opened. Got it few months ago but the process of liquid soap making seemed tedious, so never got around to it. I want to try it now, but see that there are different purity levels of KOH it looks like from soapcalc (speaking of which, how to you test...
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    Preserving liquid soap.

    Some places say you do not need to, others say you do. I figure for the extra water to make the soap (honey viscous) it would need some preservation. Thoughts?
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    Is it okay to make soap molds out of acrylic?

    Can i ask how thick was your acrylic soap mold? 1/4"?
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    Is it okay to make soap molds out of acrylic?

    Is it resistant enough like hdpe 2?
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    Lemon Verbena prohobited in use according to IFRA?

    I guess so, I don't know what's in it that ifra doesn't want. I would have to check but ifra is a horribly complicated website to navigate. And on top of that idk if manufacturers even specify if their product has that bad component taken out
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    Lemon Verbena prohobited in use according to IFRA? Under prohibited, under verbena oil Is there a reason the e.o is prohibited? What is your favorite source for a verbena f.o?
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    Lemon Verbena prohobited in use according to IFRA?

    I was looking at the prohibited list and verbena is on it. But i see that many companies use it. What gives?
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    Does benzoin need to be diluted with a carrier oil?

    Thanks! That seems pretty straightforward. Do you know about other products like body oils and lotions?
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    Does benzoin need to be diluted with a carrier oil?

    It's really thick! Like molasses. Do I warm it up and use it neat in my soaps. Or do I dilute it to 3% with a carrier like jojoba?
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    Fluid Soap rebatching.

    How much water do you add to rebatch (steep water discount) soap? I do not have sodium lactate or goats milk. I do a 1.5:1 (W/L) ratio. Nothing is wrong with the soap, but i hate the color. Company said it wouldn't morph but it did, and now it's a light blue grey when i was going for a deep...
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    Fragrances free from a certain chemical?

    Phlalates! Yes, that is the word. if a company doesn't say it is free from that, would calling them be able to clear that up?
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    Fragrances free from a certain chemical?

    Hi there, a long while back a person on a facebook group said she get's fragrance oils free from certain chemical. The chemical i guess can cause reproductive or cancerous harm? Idk. I was wondering if you guys could clue me in to the name of that chemical to look out for. I totally forgot what...
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    Scared to do hot process. What are the benefits?

    Hi there, I'm really interested in doing hot process in my specialty soaps, as to control what the lye monster eats. But am scared of the volcanoes and all the crazy things i have heard about it. I have a few questions about those familiar with this process. -Natural colorants that...
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    Hmm, Cinnamon bark or Cinnamon Leaf E.O?

    How do they differ in smell? Which do you prefer?
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    How to heat up a lot of oils at once?

    I was looking at the powerblankets to heat up oils to make a masterbatch. But it's pricy just for that one thing. When you make you masterbatch oils, do you heat them up just in a regular pot and transfer to a bucket? Those commercial stockpots or just regular large kitchen pots can get pricy...
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    ACV for soap. Does it make soap softer?

    Never made it before. I've read some make it for hair shampoo. But does it make the bar of softer? Harder? Stinkier? Or no change?
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    For lotion crafters, have you ever submitted your cosmetic as a drug to fda?

    It seems it is very labor intensive and alot of paper work. I will give the FDA a call to ask them more about it. Like what's needed and cost's etc etc. :]
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    How to disinfect lotion pumps?

    awesome! is that your strategy for pumps intended for sale as well?