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    Birch Tar Oil Soap

    I am interested in making soap from Birch tar oil because of the smell and it is used to treat many different skin and scalp issues. Also supposed to have a calming effect. I found a place to buy it at a good price at Birch Tar Oil 100mm/cc (Antiseptic) - Otzis Pouch Now I am having hard time...
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    Looking For Information On Distilling Birch

    I cut anywhere from 12-18 face cords of Birch (white) every year. Last year I started stripping the bark and dry distilling it to extract the oil which I refine down further into tar and sometimes pitch. This is done by destructive distill. The bark I cut in 6 inch wide strips and roll very...
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    Newest New Guy

    Hi all, Investigating making some Birch tar soap and landed here, lots of great info! Not sure if I will take this on or not but definitely interested.