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    First time having this problem

    It's been a couple days and my soap is still soft and it zapped me! There's also a white line running all the way through the log, like whatever it is wanted to be a mica line. I used close to the same recipe as my last soap, which was a new one. I worked with the last one faster than usual and...
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    dissolving edta

    I'm hesitant to ask this because I think maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I'm trying to use tetrasodium edta for the first time and am having trouble dissolving it. So far, I've measured 3.5 grams of edta and added 25g of distilled water. I've been stirring it once in a while for half a...
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    Preservatives and the role of liquids in body butter?

    I have a few questions about formulation. Also not sure how to proceed with someone who really wants to buy. So, for Christmas I made some body butter to give to close family. I think it could be called body butter anyways.. It didn't contain any water because I didn't have any preservatives...
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    Using the kefir as a source of lactic acid

    I'm hoping to forgo buying sodium lactate and instead use kefir which I have a steady supply of. The problem is that I don't have any idea how much lactic acid it contains and how much extra lye I might need to add to make up for it. Should I just calculate a recipe with a lower superfat than...
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    How to make a hole in bell of stick blender

    I did a search and didn't get any matches, though I know for certain some people have done this before. So before I ruin my stick blender :shifty:, do I just use a thin drill bit and go at it?
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    Unidentified Flying Spritz! What are they spritzing with?

    My hubby showed me a sped-up soap-making video in which the soaper sprayed each layer with something before adding the next. The final result looked a bit translucent so I think it was M&P. Whatever it is, would it also be helpful in CP? I've also seen a video or two in which the soaper sprayed...
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    What oil(s) should I add for more slip and silkiness?

    Hi you all! I've been experimenting with different proportions of lard, coconut, olive, and castor oils in my CP goat milk soap. So far the only negative review I've received is that it isn't as "slippery" as the soap my dad is used to. Looked it up and saw that adding avocado oil is good to...
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    Going to make a beer soap

    My dad requested some beer soap so I've been trying to read up on it. I've learned that the beer needs to be boiled first to reduce alcohol or carbonation or both and that there are differing opinions about when to add it. With milk I freeze it and slowly add the lye without extra water in...
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    liquid glycerin uses

    So I got some liquid glycerin and now I can't remember what I wanted to use it for. :think: hmm.. Is it for mixing with mica? Will adding it increase the risk of rivers? Does it improve soap in any way or should I keep it for other stuff? Googled what to do with it and came up with a lot of...
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    Questions about rosehip seed oil

    I received some two weeks ago but haven't used it yet. Just started reading about it today and am finding that I'm way late to the party! First of all, I didn't know it needed to be kept in the fridge. Oops. It doesn't smell rancid though. Supposed to be good for 6 months if refrigerated. Would...
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    silkworm cleanser finger thingies

    What the whatttawutwut? New to me! Wasn't sure where to post this and I don't have any idea what to think about it. I don't think silk for soap comes this way. What do you guys think? They aren't the kind of things I'm likely to fiddle with but I could see using them and adding spent ones to...
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    tested some micas from AliExpress

    Specifically they were these, all the colors except for coffee. I think they were on sale at the time. Has anyone else used those? I made tiny soaps to test them and only had trouble with the red. It turned tan, not red at all. I'm wondering if using more mica would help or if it's an issue...
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    Is this bad?

    I started to make a soap two days ago. I combined the oils and slowly mixed the lye and frozen milk. And then life happened and I didn't get to proceed until the next day. The milk+lye turned orange overnight but I still used it. It's too early to cut but the surface looks like it's going well...
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    adding sugar to lye solution

    I'm expecting to slice a new soap today! After making it I remembered that I'd wanted to add sugar. Oops. A couple hours ago I made a lye+milk solution for another soap and added some sugar. Last I checked there were still a lot of sugar lumps in it. Will those disappear with some stickblending...
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    Soap that looks like river rocks

    I have this idea that I want to try and I'd love to have some help brainstorming how to do it. It's probably been done before but I couldn't find what I was imagining anywhere. I'd like to make soap that looks like river rocks and then make cairns with them. Just think it'd be neat. I'd...
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    What role does olive oil have in a lard-heavy soap?

    Sorry if this is a silly question! Lately every time I start to plan my next soap I get stuck on how much olive oil to use. I'm guessing that it helps with managing trace somehow. Or is it particularly conditioning or helpful with lather? My last batch used 50% lard, 30% coconut, 15% olive...
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    Spider silk instead of Tussah?

    Would it possibly be as good? I've never used or tried a silk soap but so many soapers seem to love it. A search showed that one forum member uses spider silk but not how it compared. There's no way it would be me doing the collecting. Maybe not even the handling and adding the silk to lye...
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    Favorite vanilla fragrances from Nature's Garden?

    I've been planning another fragrance oil order from ND and they have sooo many different vanilla type scents! What are some of your favorites? Have you gotten to do a comparison between, for instance, Vanilla Bean, V Extract, and V Spectacular? I'm also curious about V Silk but the description...
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    Can I use activated charcoal made for fish tanks?

    I have a bunch of it and no fish at the moment. Of course it will have to be ground up somehow, but I think it's the same stuff. Would grinding with a mortar and pestle get it fine enough? Is it okay for it to be a little "exfoliating" or does it have to be like a mica dust?
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    oops.. soap goes in shower AFTER cure!

    I made my third batch of soap yesterday. Didn't have a good place to put it and had to go take care of some other stuff. My DH suggested I put it in the bath tub with the curtain closed for the time being. Fast forward to that evening. He turned on the shower without opening the curtain...