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    A Few Soaps

    Dang, that's what I aspire to someday! Totally in awe!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made a salt bar for the first time. Found the recipe in the recipes section of the website. yay!
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    Chocolate cake- boiling water= scrambled eggs?

    Thanks, I'll check out the Cake Bible and Hershey's recipe. Yeah I bet the eggs are protected because they are incorporated. Not sure what the lumps were in my first cake, probably didn't stir the eggs in enough. Maybe if you did the creaming method, it would be better. I'm still learning a lot...
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    Just found Grandmother's soap recipe

    very cool- I'm trying to better understand the different classes of fats as presented in the book. It is a great read- I love learning about soapmaking and always seem to learn something very valuable from every book I come across. This is awesome, thanks for sharing slipperybubbles!
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    Sodium Lactate Issue

    This may not be helpful, but I think sometimes people put soap in the freezer to harden? It doesn't look like you have too many liquid oils so I would think it would harden relatively quickly, especially with less water? I hope you solve the problem soon!! I'm sure they will be great soaps if...
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    Basic soap w/ apricot seed

    Thank you! Honestly, I don't think I've ever gotten glycerin rivers, or rivers of any kind, but that's only luck! I'll have to do a little more research to try and understand them. I was pretty pleased with the white of the bars, because I used EVOO and that can always subdue colors a lot or...
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    My new hobby

    Nice- I've been looking at the moon recently through binoculars. Really cool. I've tried looking at star charts but never got good at it. But even looking at bright starts in the sky, with binoculars, other stars that are invisible to the naked eye pop out. Space sure is fascinating! I live in a...
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    Basic soap w/ apricot seed

    I tried a few new things with this recipe: I masterbatched the lye (well, just enough for this one recipe) and when I needed to add more liquid, I added boiling water to some titanium dioxide to see if it helped get rid of any clumps. I'm pretty new to TD, but it worked pretty good. Also I used...
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    Carbonated Soap?

    Dang. If you can post your recipe, that may help me or someone else figure out what is going on. I know they make these devices that help people extract all the air from epoxy and/or other molds. It's like a pressurized container. Just so you know. It's overkill I know haha. I think the soap...
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    Carbonated Soap?

    Are you sure those are air bubbles? I see the a little hole underneath the "u" in "rub" that I would believe is an air pocket. That's what my bubbles usually look like, little pockets of air. I have a KitchenAide as well and it seems to perform the same as the other immersions blenders I have...
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    If you met someone who said they made soap…?

    I went to a fair a couple of years ago, after having been making soap for a few years, off and on. I said, only to name drop, "So, do you do hot process or cold process?". I think maybe someone asking esoteric questions like that is kind of a give away of new soap maker. I think I got the...
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    Overwhelmed beginner

    If you go to Soapmaking Kits | Bramble Berry there are some beginner soap making kits. May be more expensive than other options, but it may be the what you need to get soaping ASAP! Cardboard boxes can be used as molds. Do you have any oils in the pantry laying around, getting old? Weigh them...
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    Chocolate cake- boiling water= scrambled eggs?

    Is that for sanitary reasons? Because I believe the boiling water was to "bloom" the cocoa powder and make it more tasty.
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    Calculating Superfat on Recipe Builder?

    Hi there, welcome to this awesome forum! I'm sure a more experienced soaper will jump in momentarily buy I'll add my 2.5 cents. I use Soap Calc but I bet they're the same in this regard... So, when you set your superfat, all that should do is decrease the lye amount. So, for example, if you want...
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    Other hobbies.

    I also do paper crafting. I enjoy origami and it is probably the craft I have been doing the longest. I had to make a box for selling something on eBay and I enjoyed it so much I make cardboard boxes for the heck of it now... who said we are all differently creative? I am proof there's no limit...
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    First beer soap

    Thanks! Blue mica. Unfortunately I'm not sure of the company.
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    First beer soap

    My knife kinda made drag marks, and I just dumped the titanium dioxide into the batter instead of trying to get rid of lumps, because I'm new to TD and just wanted to get a baseline for worst possible outcome haha. I did a in-the-pot drop-swirl (first time for that design). So three new things-...
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    Car maintenance DIY

    Thanks for the food for thought- well, your post and linked articles got me thinking, anyway. I think that we will all be staying closer to home, and having things produced closer to home, in the future also. I think with gas/oil of course running out sometime soonish, and EV at the moment being...
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    Car maintenance DIY

    I was listening to Elon Musk on a podcast the other day, (he is the creator of Tesla, the EV company) and his main reason for starting the company is to give us humans a sustainable or renewable source of energy, as oil will run out sometime. Batteries, lithium, etc., will eventually run out...
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    Car maintenance DIY

    Yeah this all started because I was just checking the recommended maintenance schedule in my manual. Tried to rotate my tires, which lead to having to remove a nut without its key, then to the transmission fluid and filter, and I just changed my spark plugs. Wasn’t too confident about the spark...