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    Lotion recipe for squeeze bottle?

    Anybody have one you love? Thanks!
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    Christmas Soaps etc?

    Ugh, I'm just now starting! Soooo behind! So what are you all doing/making for Christmas gives? Pics if available?
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    Cleaning wooden molds?

    Mine have a silicone liner, but how do you clean the dribbles etc off of your wooden mold? I'm concerned that scrubbing with soap and water will warp the wood over time?
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    Curing soap in glassine bag?

    I got a box of glassine bags from my local restaurant supply store. I'm wondering if I can put my fresh-cut soap directly in these bags to let them cure? I have pets and keeping pet hair off the soap is a challenge!
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    Birthday cake FO with 10% vanillin - coloring ideas?

    I'm generally an "embrace the brown" soaper, but i am looking for something a bit more fun/colorful for a Birthday Cake FO. Anybody do anything they loved?
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    How Crafters can Help

    There are tons of crafters who are doing what they can to help combate Covid-19 - from sewing masks to 3D printing ventilator parts. If you have some free time on your hands, maybe you can help! Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Some of...
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    Shampoo bars - BTMS 50 vs e-wax? and is Panthenol really that important?

    Has anybody made a with and without? Thoughts? Based on this SCM recipe: CONDITIONING SHAMPOO BAR SUITABLE FOR DRY HAIR HEATED PHASE 30% SCI (with stearic acid) – 22% SLSa or other powdered surfactant 10% SMC or SMO taurate or other gentle surfactant 15% cocamidopropyl betaine 3% cetyl...
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    Sellers - unusual scents or typical scents?

    To me, logically a small crafter would do better with more unusual scents - the world is full of peppermint, lavender and vanilla. But I've never seen, for example, orange cardamom coconut lotion or soap available from anyone. (FO from WSP - I LOVE It!) Lush's scents also tend to be unusual -...
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    Coconut wax - thoughts?

    I would love to find a really natural coconutty-smelling coconut wax. Is this even a thing? I love the smell of virgin coconut oil and I'd love to make a lip balm and a lotion bar that smells that way. But I can't get them firm enough! I tried carnuba wax - harder than beeswax - but it has this...
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    Samples - how do you explain?

    So, I did a tiny show this weekend. I had lotion, whipped shea and lip balm. For the lotion and shea, I had popsicle sticks to get samples out of tiny containers. For the lip balm, I separated out 1 tube of each flavor and and had tooth picks. I explained in several ways: "There's a sample tube...
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    OT - Missing Girl in Birmingham, Alabama - in extreme danger Please take a moment to look over the pictures. Pray for this girl.
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    CinnaMint lip balm - combine with what?

    I have a large-ish bottle of this flavor and it's pretty meh. It's very dentist-office-like. I have a ludicrous amount of lip balm flavors, so anybody have any combos that turned out well? My ideas vanilla coconut chocolate - i'm dubious about this one. I will make a TINY batch. Raspberry...
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    OT - strong clear/invisible thread

    I've gotten into inkle weaving, which is weaving narrow straps or woven tapes. I want to turn my straps into dog leashes. Can anybody recommend a strong, thin thread for a sewing machine that is invisible/clear? Thanks!
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    Fall themed ideas...and GO!

    This weekend (not going anywhere, traveling with 14 dogs is a no go) I'm going to make soap ALL WEEKEND. What are some ideas? Pumpkin, obviously. I think I'm going to make some unscented soaps that have pumpkin and various veggie milks - I think Pumpkin with Coconut Milk and Pumpkin with Oat...
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    Aldi has essential oils $4.99 / .5 oz

    Bottles say 100% essential oil. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint. This is a limited time offer. Also a diffuser. Also $4.99 for 4 oz sweet almond.
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    Chemistry experts - Ivory vs Dawn dishwashing liquid

    Specifically, on puppies. I read somewhere 20 years ago that if you had a puppy with fleas, it was a good idea to coat them with Ivory dish soap and let it sit for 20 minutes. That would smother and kill the fleas, without using a poison (Frontline, etc,) that might not be puppy safe. I...
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    Chihuahua themed items?

    The dog rescue I worked with has taken in a bunch of Chihuahuas from a bad hoarding situation: Two by Two Rescue is taking in the most medically urgent dogs. Several of them need surgeries, some have...
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    OT - Game of Thrones fragrances

    Wholesale Supplies Plus has a line of Game of Thrones fragrances. I haven't looked at them yet - I thought it would be fun for us to guess! I actually haven't watched the series - I read the books and ended up giving up b/c it just got too grim. The author hasn't finished the series in 20...
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    NEWBIES!! Good sale!! 20% off of kits - most of which (I think) ship free to the contiguous 48. If you...
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    Father's Day spa box - thoughts?

    Of course, haven't had a chance to test how the sales of my Mother's Day spa box might go, but I want to get the soap made now. The men's spa box is tougher. Soap Man Hands (coffee grounds) $5 Soap Man Feet (pumice) $5 Soap Vanilla Bacon Milkshake $5 Beard oil (glass bottle) OR heel salve $8...