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    Free Banner Adspace

    I've just finished adding a page to my site Soap Making Essentials that is going to showcase handmade soap shops. This is to be a free service with only a banner or link exchange on your website or blog as the requirement. Last month (October) Soap Making Essentials saw over 46,000 page...
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    Canadian Insurance Group

    For any Canadians interested in getting insurance for selling their soaps, email this lady: [email protected] Her name is Colleen and she is putting together a Canada wide insurance group. Even if you have insurance already, contact her and she will email you with the details...
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    Gotta Love Bubblewrap!

    I've always liked bubblewrap :D and now I like it even better. One of our members (sorry, can't remember who) posted a link to her pic's of soap and she had this idea on there. Of course I wanted to try it....9pm last night my 13 year old son said it was time. Here is the result
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    Showcasing your favorites

    I'm about to redo a page on my website about the different design ideas that people can use for making their cold process soaps beautiful. The goal of the page is to give new soapmakers an idea of how many wonderful and creative things can be done to decorate soap. The new page will be...
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    Well...never had this happen before!!

    Today I decided to make a new recipe: Coconut - 30% Cocoa Butter - 15% Olive - 30% Castor - 5% Crisco - 20% Put it through Soapcalc and got my numbers. Decided to use up some infused olive oil (vanilla and carrot). I got everything set and was waiting to add the lye. Got a little...
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    Suppliers around the world.

    I'm looking to expand my soap making suppliers page on my web site and am having some trouble finding websites in countries other than the US and Canada. I have a couple for the UK and Australia but other than that my selection is pretty slim. If anyone knows of a site that carries a fairly...
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    Crockpot rebatch. Started out scary.

    I decided to rebatch some ends and scraps because I wanted to try rebatching with the crockpot. Started out with my bits and grated them. Set the pot on high and walked away for 1/2 hour. Smooshed it down. Started to get a little clear looking. Came back in another 1/2 hour and this is...