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    Charlie soap

    we gave the charlie soap a try and I though it did very well. It is on the pricey side but you only use a small amount each load. On the other side, my brother sent me a recipe just the other day for homemade laundry soap. It is all he is using now and it cost just pennies on the dollar. Hope...
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    Pine, Cedar, Juniper EO's

    Has anyone ever used any of these in CP? I love the smells of all of these, but don't know how well they will hold up. If anyone has tried please let me know. Thanks MM
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    Magnolia FO

    I live in the south and this time of the year with the Magnolias blooming is my favorite. Nothing compares to this wonderful smell. Like having a "Big O" in your nasal passageway. Does anyone sell this scent?
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    Bergamot in CP

    thanks Krissy thanks for the info. Did you use it in cold processed?
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    Bergamot in CP

    Been a while since I have been around. Still making soap as often as I can or as my few customers will allow. I am doing well with a citrus soap, but have heard that bergamot has a nice smell. Any one know how well it holds up. Side note. When I use citrus oils I use a carrier scent like...
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    my own skin cream problems

    I agree with Molly I hate using anything that isn't natural but having said that, I find we have to do what we are comfortable with. I have to use lye in my soap. I don't know how natural it is, but my choice are limited. In the great scheme of things though, we are all just a bunch of...
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    Mineral Oil and Vaseline for lotions

    I am guessing i can use these for my oils in the right quantities??? Share the info please as I am new at the lotion making as you all can tell.
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    2nd Bad batch. What am I doing wrong?

    What are your temps when you mix? It looks like your numbers are good, don't know what else it could be besides temp.
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    Steric Acid in CP soap

    anyone put this in their soap? How does it turn out and how much do you use? I have also been using the RTCP method as well. Thanks Michael
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    Lotion Calculator

    thanks again Barb.
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    Lotion Calculator

    one more question do i mix everything and heat or just oils and emus. wax??? It seems to get lumpy when i mix a different temps or it that the problem?
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    Lotion Calculator

    Thanks Barb. You are always so helpful
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    Lotion Calculator

    Is there something out there like there is for soap?
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    Anyone want to share a Lotion recipe?

    thanks for the help. what do I use as a preservative and how much?
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    Anyone want to share a Lotion recipe?

    I made some for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Seemed to turn out nice until I saw mold growing in it. It seemed to be nice until then. 1 part emus wax 2 parts glycerin 6 parts oils 12 parts water I was told this was too much glycerin and oils and has no preservatives. Can anyone...
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    shampoo bar not working!

    this is what I do. I take all of my scraps and put them in the crock pot. Cover them with a good bit of water and cook it on low till it melts. Then I let it sit for a couple of days. If it is too thick add more water, too thin more soap/scraps. For me it works great and I don't have to re-batch...
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    Earth Day is Tomorrow

    I am going to burn some organic hemp oil and shout at the moon. Just kidding. I don't get too mixed up in this earth day thing. It's a lifestyle change and requires more than people jumping on the popular trend. I hope we soapmakers who seem to like the simple pleasures are leading the way by...
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    Soapcal9 question

    a good rule of thumb is 1/3 water to oils. I use a bit less myself though.
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    My first batch

    great job on your first batch. Next time to ease it out out of the mold, put it in the freezer for a hour or two. Let it sit for 10 mins then presto,it will pop right out.
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    New Soaper Question...............

    how much eo to use is the million dollar ????. some are stronger than others as you know so the best thing to do is make lots of soap and find out what works. I don't weight my eo or fo, I use 1 tbs/lbs of soap as a general rule.