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    Cleaning Shea Butter

    You melt the butter in a roughly same amount of water. Stir it around really well. then let it sit at room temp to slowly separate. You want it to saparete slowly no debris or water gets trapped in the shea butter. When it has reached room temp, put it in the fridge (or outside if it's cold...
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    Cleaning Shea Butter

    If there is actually debris in it, I'd melt it down with water and let it slowly cool to room temp and separate, then put it in the fridge. Just like rendering tallow or lard. This is assuming the debris is mixed in and not merely on the outside where it can be scraped off.
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    My whipped body butter turns chalky and hard after just an hour of being fluffy?!

    Remember that friction = heat. So when you are whipping it, you are heating it up a bit. Plus it's winter so it needs to be softer than it would in the summer. Trial and error - make a batch and plop some into a container. In 1 hr, if the butter in the container is too firm (or too soft) plop...
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    Fragrance disappearing/fading - hot process soaps

    have you asked other people to sniff for you? I think we become a bit nose blind.
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    Recycling bottles??

    I'm wondering if you can have a bit refill container, I'm thinking the size of the mustard and mayo containers at Costco. With the pump attached. And then people could refill their own bottles...
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    Lip Balm Questions

    Sorry, just now saw your question. I also love the mild natural cocoa butter scent. It combines weirdly with some flavors - I have an Asian Pear flavor that I LOVE but it is weird with the cocoa butter.
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    Contender for most ridiculous question asked

    And BTW, "I want to make soap without using lye" remains the most ridiculous question here! Not meaning melt and pour, meaning they want to combine oils to make soap...but with no lye.
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    Contender for most ridiculous question asked

    I like Ali's idea best. But maybe this: Irish Lass's drawer sachet recipe I make my air fresheners out of a mixture of corn cob pellets and crushed walnut shells (both bought at the pet store down the bedding aisle). Once the FO has completely absorbed into them, I place them in those...
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    Long term storage for soap

    Cardboard is fine. After they've passed their 6-week cure and are no longer sticky, you may want to consider wrapping them lightly - maybe in a paper towel or even a sheet of computer paper - and put one or two in each of your clothing drawers so you can enjoy the scent. My friend'd grandma...
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    Using Rice Bran Oil ?

    I don't think there's a single oil that can't cause itching and redness - if you are allergic.
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    Help Needed

    M&P doesn't really have recipes. You can add things like color and scent, but adding things like extra oils, milk, etc is a bad idea. I notice you are in the UK. Do you have a general craft/hobby store in your area? In the US we have Michael's, Joanne's Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. These places (in...
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    Organize soaps?

    Paper lunch sack with card/recipe inside? Soap wrapped in 8.5x11 paper with recipe printed on it?
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    Lip Balm Questions

    BTW, here's a pretty standard formula: 20% Beeswax 25% Butters/Oils that are solid at room temperature. These butters are on the soft side. (My personal favorite is ultra refined shea. Less likely to become grainy...
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    Lip Balm Questions

    I personally like the divet, lol. As long as the tube is full enough that the plastic screw thing in the middle isn't exposed. The divet says "New tube!" and that's always fun.
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    Lip Balm Questions

    Yes, that's normal. The outside cools a bit faster and clings to the side of the tub, while the inner part cools more slowly and has time to collapse/sink inward. Are you using a filling tray? I have the silicone one from Crafters' Choice and I cannot recommend it enough lol. Hobby Lobby carries...
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    Cabbage Recipes?

    Can you detail the process for making this in an Instant Pot? I made it last night but I messed it up pretty thoroughly. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I had to remove the chicken and cook the cabbage for another 10 minutes.
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    Used Dairy Butter. Soap Stinks!

    My understanding is that dairy butter will always stink. Dairy butter isn't pure fat like, say, olive oil - it contains sugars and proteins. To my nose, most milk soaps have that slightly pukey smell. It's easier to cover up when you are using milk vs butter - especially such a large amount!
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    Cabbage Recipes?

    @lsg Do you think you could sub the Cream of Mushroom for Cream of Chicken or Cream of Celery? I'm not a huge CoM fan, but in some recipes, such as green bean casserole, you really need it vs celery or chicken.
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    Cabbage Recipes?

    Serious suggestion - Recipe blog! The Cabbage Farmer's Kitchen.
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    Cabbage Recipes?

    I'm so tickled you're going to review these!