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    Need Guidance for a Extra hard soap.

    Can I please have Guidance for a recipe for the hardest Soap with short cure time. Then I need to add alot of essential oils to it for a therapeutic bar. I don't want the EO to sponify. Should a bother with a recipe or just get melt and pour and add EO. I have made soap in the past and no...
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    KOH and glycerin

    Hi Can I please advise that KOH and glycerine method over heat not be used. I have done it and I do not think I have been able to breathe well since then. And it’s actually made me sick. It is similar to the effect of vaping. Lee
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    Make Eucalan

    Hi All, I really like this detergent, by it costs $30 here in Australia. Is the anyway to hack it and make your own from similar or same ingredients. I would like to make hosiery mate equivalent too. It's unavailable here. Eucalan Ingredient List: Essential Oil (where applicable) (Pure and...
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    First Balm Question on Sanitation

    Hi I made my first balm to use on the face and hair last night. 1 part beeswax, 1 part castor oil, 1 part Argan/Jojoba, 2 parts Almond. About 20 drops of essential oils. I wiped down my pyrex glass cup, bench space and jar with Isocol Rubbing Alcohol. Used the double boiler method to...
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    Face cream

    Hi Can anyone direct me to a simple face cream recipe.
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    Simple liquid soap

    Hi What is the simplest liquid soap to make. That requires least effort and time. I have Glycerine and the oils and hard oils. The have KOH and that's it. I looked at Irish Lass recipe but there's a whole lot of extra ingredients at dilution stage. The soap I want is all purpose maybe a...
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    Favourite soap but needs a tweak.

    Hi My favourite soap is a 100% olive oil 5% super fat. Cured for over a year. It is so moisturising and cleansing at the same time. What can I add to make it a harder bar and quick drying without losing moisturising quality.
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    Face cleansing balm

    Hi Does Anyone have a good recipe for a cleansing balm? Like the ones formulated by the department store brands. Something that melts on contact with skin to dissolve makeup and washes off with water.
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    Avocado Puree

    Hi I have some avocado pureed with a bit of water and citric acid in the freezer. About half a cup. At what stage is it best to add this to soap proces?
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    Cleansing Balm butter

    Hi All Does anyone have a good recipe for a home made cleansing balm or butter that is a hack of what they are selling at the stores like. Eve Lom Cleanser. One jar is $150. The commercial ones seem to emulsify when in contact with water what can you add to make this happen at home with...
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    Hi All I just thought I might introduce myself. I have been posting here for 2 years sporadically. I am female from Sydney, Australia. I have been making soap for personal use as a form of therapy for myself and due to dry and sensitive skin. I normally work in the IT industry. I was wondering...
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    Best face oil or butter

    Hi what is the best single oil or butter for you face. I am adverse to be making facial creams etc as an worried about contamination etc. What single oils or butters do you use for your face if you do so? For youth and suppleness.
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    Grades of oil

    Hi just wanted to get feedback of the different grades of oils used and whether it makes a difference? Refined Oil is the cheapest Organic Refined Unrefined vs refined butters Virgin Cold pressed Organic Virgin Cold Pressed this most expensive. I would only use organic virgin cold press...
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    Quick and easy HP soap.

    Hi All I am not happy with SF or my CP soaps, even my soaps from a few years ago with 7% super fat are drying. I would like to control SF like make up my Soap and add 7% Jojoba or 7% Sweet Almond. I would like to venture into HP. But like I posted on the liquid soap what preventing me from...
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    Liquid Soap Stumbling block

    There's a stumbling block between me and making liquid soap. It seems so difficult. The crock pot and stiring and cooking... I have only ventured past CP and CPOP. Your experiences? Sorry if this is stupid.
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    Less number of different oils vs high number of different oils

    Is there benefit of using a high number of different oils in a soap formula vs lesser or single numbers? Some recipes call for up to 7 oils in COLD process soap. For example a base of 30% Coconut, 30% Palm, 30% Olive, then 10% you can add 3 or 4 luxury oils like Shea, Castor, Jojoba, Almond...
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    Laundry soap for delicates

    I am making a laundry soap to wash wool and silk. I decided of 33% Palm oil, 33% Olive, 33% coconut. 0% super fat. Adding a dash of turpentine, and borax at trace. How much borax per pound goes in at trace? What does Borax do to the soap? I understand it softens the water. In this recipe...
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    Laundry Soap

    Hi I have been trying to make liquid soap detergent from hard soap flakes. The problem is the blended liquid soap will not readily dissolve in cold hard water. Also soap flakes won't dissolve in cold water directly.
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    Coconut Oil Laundry Soap

    Hi I am thinking of making 100% CO oil 0% superfat bar soap to clean my delicates. Would that be ok, and does anyone add borax at trace to the soap to soften the water. I have hard water as my place.
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    Liquid Soap with NaOH

    Well can you make nice clear yellow liquid soap with NaOH? Not talking about rebatching bar into liquid.