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    All-vegetable recipe

    Hi! I want to get some comments on this recipe ( what`s good and what`s not so). I`ve been happy with it so far, very hard bar, good leather, too thick to do any swirls, but thats not my biggest concern for this recipe. One of the suppliers told me to reduce palm oil, as it could fractionate and...
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    Canola DOS if ROE and Vitamin E used?

    I want to make some slow tracing soap for swirling right now, and I ran out of olive, all I have on hand for liquid oils : aprikot kernel castor canola Last time I used canola it dos, swore not to use it ever again and had a full bottle of canola sitting since then. Didn`t have a ROE or vit E...
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    Salt bar as a shampoo bar? Pros and Cons

    I wonder if anyone ever had experience of shampooing their hair with a salt bar? Any good results? On one side long cured salt bar is so moisturizing and all the minerals in the salt should be good for hair, but if you think of a day spent at the beach - my hair usually need conditioning...
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    Shrinking/warping soap problem

    Hi everyone! I`m not a new soaper, but I`m new to this forum and don't know all the ethics yet. Frustration with this soap brought me here. It started with the urge of making soap one evening when I found out that I ran out of Olive oil. I had only 2 liquid oils to use in amounts I needed for...