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    How were this years shows for everyone?

    My show sales for 2017 are down a good 30% over 2016. A few of the bad shows I can pinpoint where things went wrong. I changed a few things that I need to evaluate as well, but over all, it just seemed like attendance and spending in general were off. I was wondering what other people’s...
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    Want to improve my bath bombs

    I have a recipe for bath bombs that goes together beautifully but has some performance issues I want to improve. They’re ok, but I’d like them dissolve faster and fizz more impressively. Even better if they floated. The kaolin is a recent addition, and has made the slow to dissolve bombs...
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    Peppermint bath bombs....

    In theory a peppermint FO won’t leave my customers with tingly mucous membranes, will it??? I have this image of ending up with a couple lawsuits... and just as many devoted die-hard repeat customers!
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    Where to get heavy duty bath bomb molds

    I use cheap aluminum bath bomb molds I ordered off of eBay. When I unmold my bombs, i tap them on the counter which inevitably leaves them badly dented after 80-100 bombs. Where can I buy heavy duty (maybe stainless steel?) molds that can withstand this? I don't think it's me- I'm pretty sure...
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    Lavender 40/42 & lavandin the same

    I've always disliked lavender for its medicinal smell, then I found lavender 40/42 from WSP- it's a lot more floral and I've come to like it. I found lavender 40/42 at Camden gray for less than 1/2 the cost and thought I'd give it a shot- ordered that and lavandin grosso to play with. I had...
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    8 shows in a row... oh no!

    One down, seven to go on 2 months of back to back shows. WHAT was I thinking? I don't even have enough product- my last show is likely to just have sacks of supplies for sale! By the time this is done I'll be ready to hibernate for winter.
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    SO done with slsa!

    It originally took me a couple weeks to arrive at a solid bath bomb recipe- but it's a **** fine recipe. Unless I forget one of the main ingredients or something ridiculous, it's incredibly forgiving. Accidentally throw in a whole extra ounce of corn starch or cocoa butter?? no worries. You...
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    Clear CP soap not possible, right?

    Just confirming that clear cold process soap isn't possible.
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    Face palm!!

    When making bombs, I always mix my dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately then add them together. I also always have done this while my wets are still warm from melting the cocoa butter. Well, I had to step away today after many distractions, and ended up combining the two when the wet...
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    Reuse body butter jars???

    I have some body butter that's about a year and a half old. I use a ton of ROE and vitamin E, so it's still in great shape, but I don't think I should sell it at this point. Can I scrape out the jars and refill them with a new batch of the same scent? (Without washing). What are the dangers...
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    Does kaolin clay do THAT much to anchor scent??

    I totally changed my recipe around and switched to a dual lye recipe- and (like an idiot) somehow forgot to keep kaolin clay in there to help anchor my scent. After 4-5 months most of these soaps are nearly scentless. I soap at room temp with 5% fragrance. With my last recipe my soaps kept...
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    Do your labels actually say "Soap"?

    If for instance, you have a lavender soap, do your labels just say "Lavender" or do they actually say "Lavender Soap"? (Aside from business name, ingredients, etc. of course).
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    Massage candles turned out great

    My prototype for my massage candles looks too cute! Kinda excited! There's a playing card in the picture for scale.
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    'Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil' ???

    Seen on soap labels today "vanilla absolute essential oil" and "white tea & ginger E/O blend". I finally came to the conclusion that as far as this person is concerned, any EO/FO mixture is considered an EO blend- and at this point I think I'm being generous in assuming that there's any...
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    Duh moment

    I've had a slow drain for months. I keep forgetting to pick up draino or to call the plumber. Then it finally occurred to me: perhaps there's absolutely no reason a chick with several pounds of lye laying around should have a clogged drain. Guess what the only words larger than "100% LYE" are...
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    Rebatched and actually pretty now

    I made a batch of soap- it was HP, and forgot to color it. Ended up plain and blah. Just rebatched it and thought I'd REALLY screwed it up this time- I added white pigment powder directly to 1/2 of it without dispersing it in oil first. Clumped up like you wouldn't believe. I cut it expecting...
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    Hot process question

    I tried hot process for a batch or two and added the EO's while the soap was too hot. The fragrance burned out of one. So, two questions: - how cool can I let hot process batter get to add the fragrance without having it firm up too much? - my fragrance was added at 5%, but it's a blend of 3...
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    Well- screwed that up!!

    My lavender Soap doesn't look quite right...
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    Can I reform damaged bath bombs?

    It seems like I've always got bath bomb 'uglies' around. They get damaged going back and forth to shows- never a ton of them, but enough that I'm tired of giving them away or ditching them. I don't want to repackage them as bath powder or something- I just don't want to add to the number of...
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    Cream of tartar Vs kaolin clay in bath bombs

    Maybe a dumb question... what's the difference between the function of cream of tartar and kaolin clay in bath bombs? My bomb recipe works like a dream- but cream of tartar is pricey, and if I recall properly, kaolin is pretty affordable. Wondering about making a switch.