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    Susan Miller's lotion recipes from The Soapmaker's Companion

    I use E-Wax as the emulsifier & Stearic Acid to thicken my lotions. I, also, add .5% Tocopherol T-50 to each batch of lotion as an antioxidant which keeps oils & butters from going rancid. I can't tell you how many lotions & creams I've received in swaps that went rancid in a month or so. As...
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    New recipe advice

    I've used High Oleic Sunflower oil. It's processed for a long shelf-life so doesn't develop DOS like regular. It's properties are very similar to OO. It does color yellow, though.
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    Is this DOS?

    It looks like DOS in it's beginning stages to me. DOS isn't always accompanied by rancidity, so it may not smell off.
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    revamping lip balm recipe ?

    I'd use jojoba & beeswax.
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    strong natural green- how to do- pictues

    Hempseed oils is green, so maybe try formulating with oils that are green & yellow? Haven't tried it, but thinking.
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    newbie soap questions

    Ditto what soapbuddy said. Most of us got into soapmaking for the same reasons, & quickly wondered how to make this necessary hobby pay for itself. :lol:
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    strong natural green- how to do- pictues

    I use hydrated chromium green from bramble berry.
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    Clay Masks

    You're welcome! :D
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    Clay Masks

    I purchase already powdered, because it's finer than I can grind myself.
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    Laundry Bars help

    I tried 100% coconut oil which has a very long shelf life, but my clothes started smelling like rancid oils. Maybe I was using too much & it wasn't getting rinsed out. I've recently purchased from Trader Joes a liquid laundry soap that's made from plant-based surfactants & coconut oil. So...
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    Working fulltime and owning a business...Can it be done?

    Well, that's my point. My business was supposed to be week-end craft fairs & etsy only. Try convincing your customers you only do this part time. They don't care, they just want their soap when they run out, & they call when it's convenient for them - even during my regular work hours, on...
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    Working fulltime and owning a business...Can it be done?

    Ditto all of that except the breakdown. The last straw was a demanding customer who wouldn't take no for an answer when she could plainly see that there were NO listings in my etsy shop, but demanded soap anyways. I got tired of people wanting to pick up soap from my home, even after I said no...
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    Working fulltime and owning a business...Can it be done?

    I couldn't do it. My soap business is side-lined, it was too demanding with a regular job.
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    Whipped cocoa or shea butter suggestions?

    I didn't watch the video, so maybe this was noted. Be sure to add an antioxidant like Tocopherol T-50 or ROE to keep your whipped butter from going rancid. I love my whipped shea butter for my feet!
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    Clay Masks

    I don't use bentonite clay-too harsh for me. I mix my clays with various powders. I have different recipes, but here's a list of powders I might add to my mix of clays: rose petal powder (my fave) powdered milk (goat's milk or coconut milk) powdered yoghurt hibiscus petal powder lavender...
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    Coffee Soap?

    I do the triple strength brew as my liquid, then add just a little finely ground fresh coffee. I use the fresh grounds, because I want the full strength of the coffee for maximum deodorizing. DH says it removes the fish smell from his hands after cleaning or handling fish. As already...
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    The soapcalc calculator, superfatting, water and coconut oil

    That looks like a good formula! I would cut the water to 34% unless you're using an FO that's known to speed trace. I'd add the castor. It adds small, dense lather to your soap. It's just me, but I like a combo of small, dense lather from castor & the big, fluffy bubbles from coconut oil.
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    Help with Recipe for dry skin

    I use Tocopherol T-50 which is Vitamin E, but not the type you get at the pharmacy. T-50 has way, way more tocopherols in it. You can find it at I put it into my oils as soon as I get them, then add some to each batch, although that's probably over-kill. I use it in all...
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    My very first batch ever!

    Great job! Looks like a great batch of soap!
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    Not enough water in soap recipe

    Totally understandable. Being a care giver carries a LOT of stress! Good luck to you & your family.