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    Low pH ingredients in soap.

    Hi! I recently purchased some liquid african black soap (pH around 10-11) which I use as a facial wash. I would love to incorporate some camu camu powder into this soap for a c-vitamin boost and scrubby effect, but this powder has a pH of 2,5. I've heard that you can't mix citric acid with...
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    Shampoo epic fail..

    Hi everyone! I made my first shampoo recently that became a complete fail. It is extremely thin and runny in consistency, makes my hair feel like straw when I wash it (it's really nice afterwards when it dries but I need loads of conditioner to get the straw feeling away) and it has separated...
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    My cream is separating :(

    Hi everyone! I made this recipe here a while ago: and I realized quickly that it was way too moisturizing for my skin, and I wanted to make a facial cream that was more...
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    Lots of newbie questions!

    Hi everyone! I'm very new to this forum, and quite new in the soap making business. Actually, I have never made soap before and I should be getting my first pounds of MP soap in the mail soon, and I'm quite nervous (still very excited though!) I ordered the mango butter melt and pour base...
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    Body wash & Shampoo help

    Hi! I just found this interesting forum and since I'm very new in the cosmetics making industry I would like to please see if anyone can help me? I'm very interested in creating both a liquid soap that isn't runny or watery, as well as a shampoo that works well for most hairtypes. I just have...