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  1. robosqu1d


    Or for breakfast - with blue cheese, or a thick layer of cream cheese. Funnily enough, I did once pack a box of crumpets for an American visitor. He loved them too, and wanted his family to try them. I don't know if they made it into the country, some foods get confiscated at customs.
  2. robosqu1d

    Recommended Suppliers for the UK

    Try They have several M&P soap bases at £2.94 per kilo (inc VAT) but you have to pay for postage on top of that.
  3. robosqu1d

    Food in CP?

    In the UK, it's illegal to sell soap that looks like food. The Food Imitations (Safety) Regulations 1989 prohibit everything that might be mistaken for food, with the notable exception of doll's house items. So officially, soap cup cakes and cake slices are out, although I've seen plenty for...
  4. robosqu1d

    Let's tell a story....

    but only work
  5. robosqu1d

    Lotion Bars

  6. robosqu1d

    Recommended Suppliers for the UK

    The Ginger & Lime is absolutely amazing! I'll definitely be ordering that again. The Warm Vanilla Sugar is pleasant but quite mild and I'll have to wait and see whether it will last in the cured soap. Interestingly it did not affect the colour - I'd heard that vanilla always turned soap...
  7. robosqu1d

    Recommended Suppliers for the UK

    I've just ordered some FOs from 'warm vanilla sugar' 'frankincense & black cherry' and 'ginger & lime'. Good prices and reasonable delivery charge. They don't seem to carry essential oils though. Will report back on what they're like in soap.
  8. robosqu1d

    UK and European Members

    I'm from England too (Nottingham) and would like to participate in a swap if one can be arranged.
  9. robosqu1d

    Mustard Oil & Sesame Oil

    Our local supermarket stocks mustard oil and sesame oil at a reasonable price. Has anyone used either in CP soap, and what were they like please? I haven't seen them mentioned much on this forum. Thanks!
  10. robosqu1d

    Logo Choices

    The last one, definitely. The first is not too bad but the two fonts don't look right together. I do like the rainbow colour across the top though. Number 3 looks like a pair of pink boxing gloves.
  11. robosqu1d


    Welcome darkbanshee87, Here is a thread on UK suppliers: My personal recommendations are: H Foster ( for palm oil, shea butter, coconut oil. Larger Tescos for coconut oil (250g or 500g, brand KTC). They don't usually...
  12. robosqu1d

    Buying lye

    Yes, but it seems very expensive! Are you in the UK? Try B&Q (£2.98 for 500g; £4.98 for 1kg). Or Wilkinsons. The Asda and Tesco ones have sodium carbonate in them, but the labels don't say how much so I've avoided them.
  13. robosqu1d

    How do you calculate your cost per bar?

    You are all making me feel very grateful that we use a decimal system for weights in Europe - grams and kilos are definitely easier than pounds and ounces.
  14. robosqu1d

    Logo Choices

    My immediate thought was 'back of a naked woman with a flatulence problem'. Sorry. Prefer the other one.
  15. robosqu1d

    Mold Making-Quick & Dirty

    Here is one of our moulds (English spelling...) Completely collapsible, no screws, no hinges - it just slots together firmly. It's made of 3mm plywood which is quite sturdy enough for the job, and the little pegs down the side are there to stop any bowing. We use a laser cutter so all the...
  16. robosqu1d

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Experienced my first lye volcano yesterday! Having made 25-30 batches in a few months I thought I was getting beyond the beginner stage but maybe I was over confident. It was a coffee soap with hazelnut FO, and I forgot that the coffee was still warm... woosh! Luckily no harm or damage...
  17. robosqu1d

    Can't belive how many people are copying this Etsy seller..

    The one that immediately caught my eye was labelled 'dog poo'. On closer checking I realised that it was a shampoo bar for dogs... :-o Great label appeal, I'm sure.
  18. robosqu1d

    Practice makes perfect...

    There is an invitation to PM Admin. How do I "PM Admin"? I can't see how to do it.
  19. robosqu1d

    kombucha soap

    I must be the only person who hasn't even HEARD of kombucha!
  20. robosqu1d

    Practice makes perfect...

    Sigh. Nothing ever changes. There are always bigger kids in the playground. I thought one of the points of a forum WAS to share and post your own opinions and comments. Or is it simply to seek advice from these afore-mentioned admins and advanced soapers? If so, I for one would find that...