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    Cp and Essential Oils...Your input would be great!

    Hi Lane, I have gelled EO's with great success. Lavendar, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Peppermint, Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Rose Geranium and Anise are the only ones I have tried so far and they all held up wonderfully for me! I have read about the citruses fading though...
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    gardening advice? anyone?

    Hey Woodi, just wondering what you decided upon!!
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    What do you think?

    It will harden up in time. It won't be "rock" hard as birdie stated but it will harden. I made a facial soap with a lot of soft oils and it took a few months but now it's fine! Beautiful soap. I love the color!! Congrats!
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    Advice on planned batch of Avocado soap? And EO?

    You can add pureed avocado to it!!! It is so nice in soap!
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    I am not an expert but it sounds very interesting and quite lovely to me. Go ahead and try it!
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    gardening advice? anyone?

    ooops, just noticed you wanted a trailing plant not a climbing one. Sorry. Here are some cascading plant suggestions: Bacopa Bidens Helichrysum Sanvitalia You could go with Sweer Potato Vine but they aren't flowering. They now have a cascading Petunia (wave...
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    gardening advice? anyone?

    A Clematis would be lovely. Or if you want a fast grower, plant some Morning Glories! They will pretty much grow in any kind of soil and just need regular amount of water and sun! I love morning glories! Other climbing plants to think about are Moonflowers and Sweet Peas. Hope that helps...
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    any tree ID experts here?

    You can take a sample into your local garden center. They should be able to idenitfy it for you!!
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    Cocoa Powder

    Oh yes, all the time! Just don't add too much or your lather will be brown. :oops:
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    High quality melt and pour base

    I use wholesale supplies plus bases. I love them and they are very well priced.
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    I think it depends on what you are using them for. I have used them in MP and body butters and they were wonderful. I think they have a bad rep used in CP and HP. I haven't used them for either.
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    Oregon Trail Order

    wlnb, The oil I just received is a light golden color and smells just like strawberries and cream. Every nose is different though. Maybe you got a bad batch or something.
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    Looking for a Fragrance . . .

    Your welcome! I love concocting my own fragrances!!
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    Looking for a Fragrance . . .

    You could always make your own! WSP has a dirt FO that is dead on. You could mix it with grass FO and a touch of lilac FO. I love that smell, right before it rains.
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    Need a good Honey scent

    Oregon Trails has one called "Bee My Honey" and it smells just like honey to me OOB. I haven't soaped it yet so I don't know if it morphs or fades.
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    ok, tea tree stinks

    Tea Tree smells devine mixed with Lemongrass! One of my favorite blends, and really yummy used in a salt bar.
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    Rose Lilac

    I bet those bars smell like heaven! Beautiful
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    Soaps I recently made!!

    oh my, those are some georgous soaps!
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    Hello from Colorado!

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    Tell me it's going to be OK.

    Thank you Buffalosnowgirl!!