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  1. Sagebrush

    Soap Brain/Things I Thought Were Soap

    I know we've all done this. You're looking at something: in the store, a picture online, etc. It's CLEARly soap. Oh, wait...nope...not soap at all. Here's mine for the day. It's fudge. Yep, fricking fudge.
  2. Sagebrush

    Salt Bar

    I was wondering if you can use a regular salt bar recipe and just make it soleseife style. I'm wondering because I have a salt bar recipe that is tried and true for me that I absolutely love, and I don't want to change any oils, percentages, or any other factors...I just want the salt to be...
  3. Sagebrush

    Mustard or Mustard Oil?

    I know there was a thread about mustard oil, but it's a little old. So, I was wondering if anyone has ever made soap using ground mustard, mustard seeds, or mustard oil? I've researched a good amount and have come up with some amounts to use, but I'm curious about its reaction with the heat and...
  4. Sagebrush

    How much Laurus nobilis to use?

    I have some bay EO from Essential Depot. It is not bay rum and not bay laurel berry's Laurus nobilis. I'm wanting to make a soap with it, but can't find any information regarding how much to use. Anybody know or know where I can find information on safe amounts?
  5. Sagebrush

    Using Sports Teams' Names?

    I was wondering if anyone knows the legal side to labeling a soap with an NFL team name? I have a soap I made with Seahawks' colors and I want to sell it, but I'm not sure how to label it. Do I have to come up with a clever name that's obviously representing the team or can I put "Seahawks" on...
  6. Sagebrush

    Farmer's Market Set-Up

    So, I've been selling for three years now and have gradually been doing more (craft shows here and there, a few art walks, etc.) and I'm finally into my first farmer's market season this summer. I feel fairly confident in my set-up, but just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or if there...
  7. Sagebrush

    Surprisingly wonderful homemade mold results!

    So, a little while back I made a couple of molds using sage leaves to make the imprints. My intended use was (and still is) to make a stamp for product bags. Yesterday, I was making a batch of soap that always has a little extra batter that comes over the top of my mold, so I decided just to...
  8. Sagebrush

    A Couple of Cut Batches!

    Made a batch with charcoal for the first time last week. The swirls turned out great, which I'm really excited about. The texturing on the top is a bit rough, because I covered my mold with freezer paper (I've been having issues with ashing and didn't want to risk it). It's scented with...
  9. Sagebrush

    Ukrainian Sunflower Oil Info

    So, I buy my sunflower oil from European food stores here in the States and I'm trying to figure out if it's high-oleic or not. I read how you can tell if SO is high-oleic if the mono saturated fats are higher than the polyunsaturated fats, but the nutritions facts on the bottle only break the...
  10. Sagebrush

    Think I'm getting the hang of swirling...

    My second swirl ever! I've mentioned elsewhere that I use slab molds, and I finally found the right technique. This one is orange EO and fennel EO with paprika-infused oil and French green clay.
  11. Sagebrush

    Lavender Oat Soap

    After being a sissy for way too long, I finally attempted my first swirl! I use slab molds, so I was going to wait until I eventually transitioned to logs molds ...but today I discovered slab mold swirling! I used alkanet root infused oil for color (although it looks more gray because I also...
  12. Sagebrush

    Mortar and Pestle Soap

    I haven't made any soap in a few weeks due to laziness, being on vacation, and getting caught up in new research about soap ingredients and recipes instead of actually making it :) But I finally got around to making a batch last night. This is the third time I've made this particular recipe. It...
  13. Sagebrush

    First Time Adjusting a Recipe

    So, I should probably be slapped, but I've been making soap for over three years and have never adjusted the oils for a recipe via soap calculator. When I first started making soap, I just found a few recipes that I liked and that were dependable and have been using them ever since. So, I've...
  14. Sagebrush

    Quality of Piping Rock EOs?

    Has anyone used Piping Rock's EOs? I mostly want to try out a few in my soaps that seem to be more reasonably priced than elsewhere. I'm just wondering about the quality.
  15. Sagebrush

    Happy Pi Day, everyone!

  16. Sagebrush

    Swirl Techniques Practice Idea

    This is my first post, so go easy on me guys. :) So, I love making smoothies (with just fruits and veggies) and I've noticed some pretty cool colors and how they look awesome when I'm blending different colors from several small batches (I have a magic bullet, not a full-sized blender). And...
  17. Sagebrush

    Hello from the Seattle area!

    Hi! I'm Sarah...I live in the Seattle area and have been making CP soap for three years and have gradually and slowly been making and selling a little more every year. My favorite ingredient to use is beer! I love the lather it gives my soap, and the recipe I use is dependable and versatile. I...