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  1. ParadiseFarm

    Water discount in GM soap?

    IrishLass, I do the frozen method mainly because I milk goats and end up with more milk than I can soap with, but since you've done both, do you find any difference in the finished soap between the two? I recently made a soap with water for the first time and was so impressed with how much more...
  2. ParadiseFarm

    Palm free, vegetarian, long lasting goat milk soap recipe?

    Hmm maybe I'll try a low coconut % just to see.
  3. ParadiseFarm

    Palm free, vegetarian, long lasting goat milk soap recipe?

    Coconut oil 34% Pomace 17% Rice bran oil 17% Avocado oil 10% Castor 5% Shea Butter 10% Sunflower oil 7% Superfat 5% Lye conc 33% Lauric 16 Myrisitic 7 Palmitic 12 Stearic 7 Ricinoleic 5 Oleic 33 Linoleic 15 linolenic 1 Hi, I’m looking for feedback on this recipe. I have...
  4. ParadiseFarm

    Goat Milk Soap... Colostrum

    What sort of goats do you have? They are SUPER CUTE!
  5. ParadiseFarm

    Formulating recipes advice for fast or slow tracing

    Hi, I've been working on formulating soap recipes using fatty acid profiles. My question is can you look at a recipe and tell if it will trace really fast? That would be more to do with the oils wouldn't it? What makes an oil trace quickly, does it come back to it's fatty acid profile? Or is...
  6. ParadiseFarm

    Goat Milk Soap... Colostrum

    I think I once accidentally made soap with colostrum, it went very stringy when I added the lye (using the frozen milk method) but that was the only thing I can remember about it so it must have come out fine.
  7. ParadiseFarm

    Olive oil versus Rice bran oil - am I understanding this right?

    Hi, Just checking - I've read in some places that "you can replace up to 100% of olive oil with rice bran oil" and in other places "olive oil has unique properties that you can't really substitute". I'm guessing the unique properties are the hardness (like castille soaps) so if you were using...
  8. ParadiseFarm

    Goat Milk soap - Milk as % of oils or lye conc?

    Hi, I've been making goat milk soap using 38% of the oils as my milk amount. I've been doing reading on using lye concentration instead. I was using 38% of the oils as the amount because I figured goat milk is actually an ingredient for me and I want there to be lots of it. I do the frozen...
  9. ParadiseFarm

    Mini Dessert Soap Challenge!

    Wow. I just linked up my soaps. I'm number 9 in International. Wow. Everyone's soaps are sooooo amazing. I'm really proud of mine because I've never done this type of soap before but mine are definitely rustic, everyone else's are so shiny, and look like actual desserts. Mine still look like...
  10. ParadiseFarm

    Mini Dessert Soap Challenge!

    I just found this thread, I entered this challenge too and it is really pushing me. I'm in the process of making a whipped soap to do some tops, if you use cocoa butter, I had real trouble getting it to whip into my oils so I just melted all my oils together and then put it in the fridge until...
  11. ParadiseFarm

    Guaiac wood essential oil in CP

    Hi, I was wondering if people have much experience with guaiac wood essential oil in CP soap. I made a 'bacon' (with lard and pink clay stripes) soap and was trying to get a sweet smoky blend. I used 3% of my oil weight for the blend which was made up of: 47% guaiac wood 47% peru balsam 6%...
  12. ParadiseFarm

    A Cream Soap Tutorial

    Hi, did anyone ever try this with GM? I make GM CP and would love to try this. My thoughts would be it would go brown though, I've tried liquid GM soap and it does go brown. But I do use 100% GM as liquid and go from frozen so that is all my experience. :-)
  13. ParadiseFarm

    Laurel essential oil scent

    No it doesn't. To me bay laurel smells like an electric train set when it has been running for awhile. That is the best explanation I can come up with. It is quite a weird smell. However I made a bay rum soap and it mellows out to not smell like an electric train set but that was with clove and...