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    Tell me it's going to be OK.

    I am moving and yesterday I finally caved and packed up all of my soaping supplies. :cry: It's so sad, they are all alone in that dark cold box waiting for me to come save them. And the worst part about it is that I have new FO's coming to me this week. Boo Hoo. I can make it a week...
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    WSP's Cotton Candy or Pink Cotton Candy?

    Which one to choose?? Hmm. Any one tried em?
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    overheating and cracking

    I cannot figure out WTH is going on with my soap! It's driving me insane. The last 4 batches I have made have overheated and cracked. The last two had goats milk in them and I know that it heats things up. I tried not putting the top on and it still overheated and cracked. The only thing...
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    Help with a recipe please!! I wish I were a scientist...

    Hey guys, I am trying to formulate a recipe using the oils I have at the moment. I have to wait for payday to buy anything else! Yes, I am a junkie already! Here is what I came up with using the calculator that Faithy so helpingly (is that a word?) pointed out to me...
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    Oregon Trail Order

    Hey, I am just about to put in an order with Oregon Trail again. Even though it takes forever for shipping I am in love with their oils (at least the ones I have so far) so it's definately worth the wait to me. Here is my list. Have any of these caused problems in CP for any of you? I...
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    3rd batch

    I just made my 3rd batch last night. I scented it with Geranuim, Patchouli, and Lavender EO's. Ok Ok... I did add a couple of drops of clary sage at the end just because! But this morning it smells VERY perfumy. Has anyone used this combo before and does it end up smelling nice? I was...
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    I made my first batch!! With cut pictures added.

    I made my first batch of soap this weekend, thanks Faithy!! I used coconut milk for half of my liquid and fragrance oil at 5%. I used Oregon Trails "Brown Sugar" so it has a really light sugary scent! Thank you everyone for all of your help! Paul, your mold rocks! My boyfriend knew I was...
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    I am taking the plunge...very soon

    So I've decided that it's time to make my first batch of CP. I still have to gather some supplies and I am poor right now so it will be a couple of weeks. I wanted to start with a really small batch but can't seem to find a recipe. I have been reading up on my info at miller soap and I think...
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    Coffee Butter!! Yum!

    I told everyone I would give an update on my coffee butter experimentation, so here it is. It has taken a while because I got the bright idea to infuse my oil with spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg) so that took about 2 weeks of waiting! It was worth it! And the coffee butter is definately...
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    Oregon Trail Soap Supplies-Opinions Please!!

    Wood Violet & Maple and Spa Moss?? Has anyone ever tried these FO's? I just ordered samples! Can't wait to get them but I am eager to hear your opinions! I am not ordering from Wellington again, too many bad comments!
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    Frangrance Oil Companies

    Hey what do you think of Wellington Fragrance Company? Any good or bad experiences? I ordered some samples from them and I was wondering if the quality was as good as their prices?
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    MP soap

    I have yet ANOTHER question! Sorry everyone! I have heard to different stories about wether or not you can use goats milk MP right away. One web site states to let it cure for a couple of weeks and another sais I can use it immediately! Who do I believe?? I really need to pick up a book!
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    MP soap smells funny...

    I made my first batch of MP soap this weekend! When I opened the package I noticed that the soap (goats milk) smelled like rubbing alcohol. I thought that maybe it would go away once I melted it and added my essential oils. It didn't, except for the batch I put patchouli in! It subsided a...
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    Rose Water in Soap

    I was wondering if I could add a little rosewater to my melt and pour soap without ruining it? If so, how much would you recommend per pound of soap?? Thanks!!! :wink:
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    Looking for a true fall scent...

    I am searching for something that smells like leaves and soil and forest. I have bought several FO's that claim to smell like this but they always let me down. Does anyone out there have a suggestion of where on earth I can buy this? Thank you so much!!
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    Happy Fall!!

    New here! I am starting with melt and pour to be safe! I will probably have thousands of questions as I make my journey but I am so excited! I have always been very soap obsessed!
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    Essential Oils for Acne prone Skin

    I originally posted this question in the soap forum. oops. I have a facial melt and pour soap base and would like to add essential oils to it for my acne prone skin. Any suggestions? I was thinking lavender and rosewood. I am quite new to EO's and was wondering if there was a better blend...