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  1. Jstar

    Clay as additives

    I too use 1/2 tsp ppo - 1 tsp ppo...and I never have an issue with losing lather/bubbles and hasn't caused me any issues with drying :)
  2. Jstar

    Ladies and Gentleman...

    Those came out fantastic! Congrats! What black is that? Did I miss it?
  3. Jstar


    I add my clay directly to my oils and SB until there are no lumps..For myself, I think it helps retain some of the fragrance..not make it stronger, but makes it hang on and not fade away..could just be me and my variables tho :lol:
  4. Jstar

    Clay as additives

    Awesome! When I get the funds saved up to get another order I will see about getting some..I get my kaolin at SoapGoods..Im going there now to make sure they have the rose :) ETA: Hmm..they have the French Pink that the same thing?
  5. Jstar

    My first soap in 10 years!

    Welcome back! Soap on! :)
  6. Jstar

    scary reaction when mixing my lye!

    Right on all 3 counts. Adding the lye too much at once will cause it to heat too fast, which will scorch the milk and burn the sugar..and results in bad odors and discoloration...and you could possibly get a volcano to boot ;) ETA: Some add milks to their oils, and even gel their milk soaps..I...
  7. Jstar

    Tried to make the "fishnet" polka dot soap.

    Awesome looking soap! I have somehow missed this fishnet thread..where is it?
  8. Jstar

    Clay as additives

    Tallow is the next best thing to Lard imo...I use it all the time and it gives me nice hard white bars with fluffy to creamy bubbles..slow tracing like lard..I love it. I also use Kaolin clay, and mine is white..I feel it gives some conditioning to my skin since it is the least oil absorbing of...
  9. Jstar

    Fragrance Buddy Sale

    Well can't help myself..that's just what us ebil {evil} enablers do..that usually goes along with some chanting of some type..... Buy some FO. buy some FO......Buy...Buy...Buy :twisted:
  10. Jstar

    Ladies and Gentleman...

    Ooooo nice one! Waiting for da cut piccys :)
  11. Jstar

    Fragrance Buddy Sale

    LOL I dont know if that was directed at me or Olive, but if it was me I sowweeeee hahaha I can't buy anything right now, but I couldn't let that sale pass without sharing smelly goodness with everyone :lol:
  12. Jstar

    scary reaction when mixing my lye!

    It happens, and glad you are ok and still have your peepers :) Also to note, milks also are known heaters because of the sugar content..just heads up..:)
  13. Jstar

    scary reaction when mixing my lye!

    Sugar is a known heater, so you shouldn't have heated your water beforehand. Room temp water or cold water is fine to start with {I prefer cold when working with sugar, or sitting my lye container in an ice bath to control temp} How much sugar did you use? 1 tsp ppo is a good base start/
  14. Jstar

    Fragrance Buddy Sale

    From my email: We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. As always we are having our 20% off holiday weekend sale with free shipping over $75. Use Promo Code = LABORDAY. We have also added some great new fragrances for the fall season. Thanks again for all your continued support. Adam...
  15. Jstar

    Are you LYING about the sugar??

    Remember, that powdered sugar has cornstarch in it...just heads up in case you weren't aware :)
  16. Jstar

    What happens if....?

    Those came out really pretty! How I wish I could do swirls..I totally suck at it tho :lol: And as much as I love black and white bars I see everyone else making, I dont know why I have never done a batch.
  17. Jstar

    Traveling this weekend

    Ooooo Im jealous too...Texas Hill Country..awesomeness! Ride safe and take pics!
  18. Jstar

    Help with getting clean layered stripes...

    I think they are adorable :) I tried for layers one all my dividers set up, and by the time it was time to pour, the soap decided it was NOT going to do what I had in my head..dividers or no actually turned out much nicer than I had planned with the layers.. I let my...
  19. Jstar

    Bad customer service

    Sounds like bad rep on purpose to me....
  20. Jstar

    Gunky hair blues

    Went back and read again, and see you used 'Gennys Shampoo bar'..what is that? Is that a recipe from here? Only reference I found was on Teachsoap and it lists shea butter, AO, OO,castor, and SBO. Seems like that many soft oils would tend to get sticky...anyway, have you tried with a bar that...