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    Wellington Fragrance

    Anyone used Wellington Fragrance for essential and/or fra grance oils? Did you like them? Also looking to get the Reed Diffuser Oils (already blended with the diffuser base). Have you ordered these before? Did you like these?
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    Coastal Scents

    I am looking to purchase good quality fragrance oils for use in candles and soaps. Coastal Scents has good prices. Has anyone purchased from them? Did you like them? Thanks!
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    Shelf life of essential & carrier oils

    I am needing help with shelf life of essential and carrier oils. Some of my oils I've had for quite sometime (over a year). I know there are some essential oils that last longer than others. Citrus oils about 6 months, right? Any advice would be great.
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    Items up for sale.........Anyone interested?

    I have items I can't return and won't use. They are all brand new. I accept paypal (confirmed address only). Shipping will be from zip code 77346. They are as follows: 1. Avery weatherproof laser labels - 1 1/3" x 4 " - 14 labels per sheet. Set of 5 sheets (70 labels) - $6.00 -- I...
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    Gas prices

    What are gas prices where you are? Here in Houston, TX is about $3.87-$3.89 a gallon for regular. Unfortunately my vehicle using 89 octane which is always $0.10 higher! BUMMER! With gas prices & food prices sky high, it's a struggle now a days!
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    Rice Flower & Shea FO

    Has any tried anything with Rice flower & shea fragrance oil? Sounds like it would smell really nice. I was looking into buying a bottle of this and using it for my body powders. If anyone has any reviews on this FO I'd love to hear about it.
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    I have a business question. I have some items I purchased for my business. I have since realized that I don't need them and can't return them. Do I have to obtain a Reseller's permit for each supplier I purchased from in order to resell say on ebay? I'm in Texas by the way. Any advice...
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    Question about labels.........again!

    OK. I have a question about labels for my b&b products. I bought waterproof labels but they still smear when wet. I have an idea and want some feedback as far as if anyone thinks this will work. I'll print my labels, and for color I want to spray them with a pastel sheer spray then I'll...
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    Body Powder Puffs

    OK. I'm working on making sets for my body powders. I'm decorating unfinished wood boxes and papier mache boxes. I want to add a powder puff to the set. Any ideas where I can buy in bulk but for a decent price? Thanks!
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    Looking for apothecary bail wire jars

    Does anyone know where I can find 16 oz plastic or acrylic bail wire jars? The Chemistry Store had those and the 19 oz jars. They must have sold out of the 16 oz jars. The 19 oz jars are too big. I want to use them for my bath salts and milk baths. I don't want to use glass in case a...
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    Help........Looking for these bottles

    I am looking for these bottles but can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can purchase them? Here is the link. It is the picture of the display box with the bottles in it (on the left). The big lotion bottle with...
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    Wheat bran & wheat germ

    I am looking for wheat bran and wheat germ for some recipes I want to try. Any ideas?
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    Clamshell packaging

    Has anyone packaged their soaps in clamshells? I was wondering how they work. What I read on WSP website is you just pour your soap in it and once it hardens, close it up and label it. If anyone has done this, can you tell me about it? Just curious. Thanks!
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    Natural Soap at Walmart

    I don't know if anyone has seen it but Walmart now has "pure and natural" soap bars. I was in the soap section today and noticed it sticking out like a sour thumb (wrapped in a kraft soap box). Not sure who makes it, but it was Almond oil & Cherry (I think). It smelled really nice. On...
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    Gel colorants-Where to purchase?

    I've read on the forums that gel colorants work better with M&P. Where do you purchase your gel colorants from? Thanks!
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    Looking for White Coconut Oil Soap Base

    Does anyone know a website where I can find white coconut oil soap base. I have a few recipes I want to try that call for it. Is there another name for it? Thanks!
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    Mica colorants

    I found a few recipes I want to try out call for "1/2 tsp .05 mica". Confused about the .05 and what kind of mica. Not sure what I should look for when buying and adding. Can someone help me with this? Thank you!
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    Labels for your B&B products

    I am curious to see what others put on their warning labels for their B&B products. Would you mind sharing with me? Thanks!
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    Indiana Candle Supplies

    I have a question about their fragrance oils for those that have purchased and used them. Are all of their fragrance oils safe in soaps and B&B products? They have reasonable prices but I want to make sure before I purchase. What was your experience with their FOs? Good quality? Thank you!
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    Horton Lane Supply Company

    Has anyone ever ordered from Horton Lane Supply Company on ebay? The store is closing and they are offering pretty good deals on their inventory. Such as Soap Bases - Melt Pour, Molds - Soap Craft Candy, Soap Stamps, Fragrance Oils, Colorants, Kits, Flavor Oils, Lip Balm Bases-All Natural...