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  1. TashaBird

    How low can I go?

    My saturated:unsaturated soap oils ratio is 43:57, My shop temp is usually around 65. I need a very fluid batter for my design. I usually soap at 90F with no problems, if the FO works. Most FO tested are at 76-83, and then they say no acceleration. I’ve had some accelerate, even if I hand stir...
  2. TashaBird

    Changing a lye:water ratio

    Aka, can someone please help me with this math?! It’s so embarrassing how much trouble I have with this concept of lye ratio. And, just when I think I’ve finally got it, I get confused all over again. Here’s the story. I mixed up some %30 lye solution, but I forgot to add and dissolve my sugar...
  3. TashaBird

    Soap Shrinkage?

    How much does a soap shrink? My mold is 3.5” x 3.5”, and the boxes I’m considering for packaging are 3 1/16” x 3 1/16”. I’m wondering if after curing they will fit. 30% lye solution.
  4. TashaBird

    Mermaid bath bombs

    Just been working really hard to get these things to turn out right. They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty sweet! Scented w Sugared Strawberry from NS. Even my shrink wrap turned out decent.
  5. TashaBird

    Halloween-ish Pull Throughs.

    Accidentally added half my orange to one of my portions of black, so it turned brown. And, the one with the flower in the middle, the disc is literally made out of triangles, so weird!
  6. TashaBird

    Reclaimed lard

    So, I have this friend... and at the beginning of the pandemic they took a bunch of bacon grease, and triple wet rendered it with salt water. Then they made soap with it. Everyone LOVED it! Well, times have changed a little, and they’ve progressed as a more professional business. But their...
  7. TashaBird

    Reverse Engineering Crackles

    Calling all chemists, alchemists, and sciencey folks! How hard can it be to make these bath crackles?! There are so few ingredients. I don’t mind buying them, but I’d love to be able to make then DIY! Are you familiar with this bathing wizardry? Any idea how to make them? I think the magic is...
  8. TashaBird

    Bath Bomb Embeds

    Anyone make embeds like this? I’m trying to decide if I want to get an embed press. But it sure would be nice to reduce the steps! If you did this method, would you add Poly80 to the embed mix, or would the amount in the bath bomb be enough?
  9. TashaBird

    Calculating fragrance for bath bombs

    Are bath bombs category 4, a leave on product? Is the percentage based on the weight of the entire recipe? TIA
  10. TashaBird

    National Shrink Wrap

    I’m considering investing in this system, mostly for bath bombs and soaps. I’m worried it will be too challenging to use. Do you have this system? What was learning to use it like? Do you think it helped preserve your products? Thank you!
  11. TashaBird

    Painting Bath Bombs

    I’m really excited about the creative potential in painting bath bombs. If I use color in the BB then the recipe will contain polysorbate80. will the P80 in the recipe be enough to keep the painted mica, mixed with RA, from creating a color ring in the tub? If I leave the bath bombs white, no...
  12. TashaBird


    Hide and seek world champion! Cute, silly, and sneaky! Lightly scented with satsuma from NS. Had one air pocket I had to spackle.
  13. TashaBird


    My soaping and curing area are in my garage and I live near the foggy coast. I just got a hygrometer to test the humidity because I’m learning bath bomb making. I’ve never had an issue with my soap before. On ocassions if it has felt really humid and they didn’t feel dry I’d turn on a fan. It...
  14. TashaBird

    Bath Bomb Adventure Begins!

    Well, I might’ve jumped the gun. But, I just bought a manual press and some super groovy molds to make bath bombs. I’ve watched a ton of videos, and I think I’m ready. I have a few things I’d like to learn to make next, but I decided to listen to the customers. Every time I sell soaps at the...
  15. TashaBird

    Awkward flattery?

    Guess I’m as social media awkward as I am regular socially awkward. I’m out of town visiting fam for the first time since covid. Posted a soap on social media before I left. Trying to catch up and see this question, “do you mine if I attempt to copycat you?!” I’m think 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just assume folks...
  16. TashaBird

    How long until gel is done?

    I’ve had a column pvc mold in a bucket with a heated blanket wrapped around it for 3 hours. Is that long enough to ensure gel phase? Can I take it out? 4 hours after making the first soap I made a second one. I’d like to put it in the bucket now, and pull the first soap out. Will that be ok?
  17. TashaBird

    Lower Budget Bath Bomb Press

    I want to start making bath bombs, but I already anticipate not wanting to just press with my hands. (Hand issues). The manual presses I’m finding are between $150-200. They look almost exactly like this juicer. The cone and funnel on the bottom come out. Maybe a couple of tiles placed above and...
  18. TashaBird

    Happy Vernal Equinox!

    Blessed vernal equinox to you! May all the seeds you plant bring abundant fruit. And may you find balance in all you do. (I’m ridiculously pleased with myself. I may have to sit here the rest of the day, for fear of it falling over. 😆)
  19. TashaBird

    Syndet Shampoo Bar Videos

    I’ve purchased a recipe, but I could use more visuals. In the process, Iv’e learned a lot about ingredients that I’m appreciating. Thought maybe a video thread could be helpful. Here’s one.
  20. TashaBird

    Reheating Oils

    So far I have only prepped my batches, and not master batched. I’ve got several batches prepped right now. Usually I heat my hard fats, and then mix my liquid fats after. I’d like to try and melt and mix the hard and liquid fats together, let them harden, and see how they do. I’m curious how...