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    How many . . .

    Just soap for now
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    If someone

    All the fragrances/EOs on my wishlist, molds galore, a new digital camera and then I'd probably spend the rest on shelves and containers for organizing all my soap stuff.
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    Creative furniture painting

    I had a coffee table I got at a yard sale once that i turned into a tiki table. I covered the top with skinny bamboo poles and then glued a grass skirt around the edges to cover the legs and cut off the extra. I glued little sea shells around the edge of the table top.
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    This or that?

    Poe Shower or bubble bath?
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    Those look good! I just wish i had a site to put them on.
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    Excellent lotion recipe

    Thanks for posting the recipe. I think i'm going to make this tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    So we've got the list of pet peeves going. . . .

    Peanut butter m&ms
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    When is easter anyway?

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    Summer projects

    "decopage/collage retro seed packets onterra cotta pots" Thats a good idea! I might have to try that sometime.
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    Reaccuring dreams

    I drove to Iowa last night in my dream on a roadtrip. We got lost and had to buy a map, but the map only had a few major roads on it, so we couldn't figure out how to get back on track. We ended up having to drive back and retrace our path until we got back to a road we recognized. I swear the...
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    Baby name suggestions

    I really like these so far: Eden Scarlett Brianna Krista Tori Prestley Noel Autumn Madeleine Paige Keep 'em coming!!
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    Under eye circles

    Where can i get that? Is it just at health food type stores? Or do i have to buy it online? How much does is cost?
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    Soap making legalities?

    Oh wow!! :shock:
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    Indestructible dog toys?

    I buy the hard rubber toys, like the Kong, for my dog. She doesn't like them as much as the toys she can completely tear to shreds, but she hasn't been able to destroy one yet.
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    Baby name suggestions

    Thanks for the ideas guys - keep 'em coming!!
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    Soap crayons

    Oh wow, I must have been tired when i posted this. I meant to say "Does anyone have a recipe for SOAP CRAYONS!!" lol I'm a dork. So now that you all know what i meant to say, does anyone have a recipe? I think these would be fun to make.
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    Sewing machine

    I have a Singer Quantum Decor sewing machine. I love it.
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    When is easter anyway?

    I always get confused on the holidays that don't have set dates. What date is Easter this year?
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    I dont' sell a lot of soap, but i get requests all the time from friends and family members who like a lot of the popular fragrances that places like bath and body works and victorias secret sell. Things like cucumber melon, love spell, cocnut lime, etc. I make an exfoliating coffee soap...
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    Baby name suggestions

    I'd like something unique. I'm tired of the popular names like Madison and Jessica. Something a little more creative.