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  1. scard

    Soap favors for my son’s wedding - help me with planning?

    I don't know if it's been mentioned above, but Summer Crush by Nurture is an amazing color. It appears to be more of a coral on the website but here is a picture of a soap I made with it. It's one of my favorites. Sorry, I can't give a usage amount because I take lousy notes. :beatinghead:
  2. scard

    Woot! New 'Photo Studio' pics.

    Just gorgeous, :eek: Great pics!
  3. scard

    How can I get this color?

    Would using this: from the posted recipe help, its got 40g of sugar per can? (it's a bit pricy though)
  4. scard

    The word association game

    Yellow o_O
  5. scard

    Cedar tree swirl

    What a beautiful soap, you nailed it! :D
  6. scard

    Was going for interior gold accents....

    Very shiny, great job! :thumbs:
  7. scard

    Happy Haunting

  8. scard

    For my Angel Nieces

    What an amazing labor of love.
  9. scard

    The word association game

  10. scard

    Just in case you haven't heard

    I started this post for those who use baby food in soap, it was not brought up to be controversial or to frighten anyone. :oops:
  11. scard

    Finally, some success!

    All your soaps are beautiful. The Cocoa and Karma is my favorite by a hair and really like the name. :thumbs:
  12. scard

    Just in case you haven't heard

    My kids are in there 30's so I don't really keep up with baby things, but I do know people use baby food in their soaps and I'm sure they would rather not have DOS. I brought it up in relation to soap but really if my kids were young I think I might want to avoid feeding them toxic heavy metals...
  13. scard

    Just in case you haven't heard

    Just a heads up in case you use baby food in your soap making, (and of course if you have a baby) it's been found that 95% of 168 baby foods tested have heavy metals in them. I would imagine that could cause a problem. :(...
  14. scard

    SMF September 2019 Challenge - Linear Swirl

    Congrats to the winners and entrants, all of the soaps are stunners! :thumbs:
  15. scard

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Got some lovely scents from Micas and more to try out and also Bee Iyatas new soap dough book. I'm making plans for soap dough and organizing my soap room. I can't wait to get started! :D
  16. scard

    The word association game

  17. scard

    Music tag ...

    In memory of two great losses to the music world. So sad. :(
  18. scard

    Just Checking...

    Me too! I love it! :thumbs:
  19. scard

    The word association game