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  1. Martha

    Lavender eo recs please

    Hi gang, Thought I would ask where you get (and what brand) your lavender eo. I finally ordered a 16oz bottle and am very disappointed in it. It’s made by Sun Essentials (purchased on Amazon). It accelerates like mad, which I don’t remember happening with whatever lavender I had used before. And...
  2. Martha

    Help using Vetiver

    Hi all, I recently bought some Vetiver because a friend used it as part of her perfume (lavender, patchouli and vetiver essential oil). I was really taken aback by how strong the essential oil is. Does anyone have any advice for how much to use in cp soap? Let’s say I wanted to do the lavender...
  3. Martha

    Didn’t expect this Soapy transformation

    In the fall I tried my first drop swirl. While I was happy with how the swirl looked, I was pretty disappointed in the muted colors. Imagine my surprise when I went to my friends house and saw a bar from this batch in her soap dish. I couldn’t believe how the colors changed. I LOVE the colors of...
  4. Martha

    Help with coffee soap recipe

    Hello, I just made my first batch of coffee soap and it was perfect....until I tried to cut it. It was so hard that when I cut it, it shattered into chunks. I would love some suggestions as to what I did wrong, and what I can do going forward. Background: I have about a dozen to 20 batches of...
  5. Martha

    What kind of cutter is this?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of cutter this is and where to find it in the US? Is it even made for cutting soap? Looks like it could work well. Has anyone ever used one and could give it a review? I saw it on a YT video.
  6. Martha

    What do your soap dishes look like?

    I’m not talking about dirty soaping dishes here. Since I started making soap, I decided I needed nicer soap dishes to hold the pretty soaps. I saw that @KiwiMoose just made a beautiful one. Just wondering if others have felt the need to step up their soap dish game. Do you have a favorite...
  7. Martha

    Hello from Brooklyn

    hi everyone, So happy to have found you. I made my first batch of soap about a year ago so I could then teach my Girl Scout troop. Both batches came out great. I put it aside until recently when I decided it would be nice to make soap as holiday gifts. I have completely fallen down the rabbit...