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  1. cambree

    Embedded Transparent Soap

    Primal Elements have some of the cutest gycerline soap ever. The one I bought looks very similar to this: The soap was great, it's very moisturizing! But after a couple of washings, the tiny pieces embedded into the soap came apart. I've noticed this happened with my other...
  2. cambree

    Saving my CP

    I have a new little plastic mold that I wanted to try with my CP. I did not insulate it good enough and knew something bad would happen. But I wanted to see what "to gel or not to gel" would look like exactly. So what I got were the rings. Outside being opaque and the inside being clear...
  3. cambree

    Halloween Soap Molds

    I saw these at Think Geek and thought it would make a nice Halloween or pirate soap mold. :) Bone Chillers Ice Tray $5.99 "Soft food-safe flexible silicon rubber cranks out 4 skulls and 4 crossbones just as fast as your freezer can freeze them."
  4. cambree

    CP soap using fresh Milk

    I saw this recipe from Elaine Whilte's soapmaking page and was curious about this recipe. She said adding an extra cup of cold milk would double up the bars. Wow. Is it possible? I want to believe it could work, but I wanted to see if anyone has really tried anything like this before...
  5. cambree

    Tin Containers

    Hello. I am new to candle making and was thinking of melting some old left over candles from last winter. So far I have used only glass jars, but this time wanted to try tin containers. I have lots of tin left over from around the house. Such as cocoa powder tin, green tea containers, and...
  6. cambree

    Making Ash (Lye) Water

    One of the soap making books I picked up was on pioneer living. The author said it was possible to make your own lye from wood ashes. At the time, I wasn't interested in going that route. Plus all the modern soap making books recommended caustic soda (which is easier to use and makes much...
  7. cambree

    INS Value of Soap Recipes

    Hello. I am interestied in learning more about the INS value of soap recipes. Does anyone else care about the INS value? Soap making author, Dr. McDaniel suggest 160 as ideal. Anne Watson, another soapmaker, suggest anything between 146-160 as fine. I did my calculations for my...
  8. cambree

    Different types of Olive Oil

    What would be the best type of olive oil used for CP soapmaking? Most books (and soap suppliers) suggest we use pomace olive oil. For those that have used pomace, is it really better? Or maybe cheaper then extra virgin olive oil? I have used extra virgin olive oil (from grocery store) for...
  9. cambree

    Are extracts safe to use in soap?

    I have lots of extra vanilla, peppermint, and lemon extract from my kitchen cabinet and wondering if it's OK to use in soapmaking. I would think they are safe, as we do use it for cooking. But you never know as there may be some strange reaction that could just ruin the whole batch. If...
  10. cambree

    Questions about 1st Batch

    Here is the picture of my 1st batch. There are some minor cracks, which my soap making books said could result from - "soap set to fast and not covering with towels fast enough." But I did wrap my mold box with an old towel and put in away immediately. :? I used a simple recipe of coconut...
  11. cambree

    Frangrance Oil Clumping

    I probably shouldn't have done this for my first 1 lb batch. But I decided to use a "freesia" fragrance oil. I put in about 3-4 drops and it smelled way too strong! All my pots and pans have the lingering smell too. I'm hoping the smell will lighten up in the soap by the time it cures. The...
  12. cambree

    Measuring Solid & Liquid Fats

    Hello everyone. I am new to soapmaking and am looking forward to making my first batch soon. I am reading "The Handmade Soap Book" by Melinda Coss as well as many others. I am confused about weighing the oils section. From the picture of Melinda's book, it looks like chunks of fats are...