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    Recent Soaps

    Here are the last soaps for 2009. I did these in Dec. White Tea & Jasmine Butterfly Flowers Jade & Jasmin
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    Soap Cake - Chocolat & Sweet Orange

    Here's my latest soap cake. It's scented with chocolate truffle & sweet orange. Yuuuuuuuuuuummm!
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    Red Mica in M&P

    OK, I'm really ignorant about M&P:roll: - I do cp. I made some solid sugar scrubs using M&P. They turned out perfectly except the color. Now, I thought micas were good with M&P, but my red mica turned orange. Waaaah! What do I use for red? I have select Shades, will my red be red in M&P? I...
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    Why We Need to Wear Protective Gear!!!

    I'm posting this for all of you who don't wear all your protective gear! Think about the results of this if the soaper had been in her kitchen!! "Today, I mixed about five gallons of 33% lye solution in a bucket. I was inthe soap/laundry room which has a very deep sink. When I went to lift it...
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    Been awol

    Been away, but I'm back!! I hardly know the forum, there are so many new people, but I still see some of the oldsters posting regularly. Glad to be back with you all!
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    My First Renaissance Fair - Pic Heavy

    It was a success!! Woohoo! I sold about 10 times my table fee. I sold out of some of the soaps & all the Dragon Balm. I didn't get to see much, because I was so busy, but I could hear the sword fights & the music! Here are some pics: [/url] Baskets of Soap More Soap Cash Box &...
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    First Soap Cake

    Here's my first soap cake. Actually, it's a month old now, & all but 2 pieces were given away at a party! [/img]
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    Calendula Petas

    I have tons of yellow calendula petals, but doesn't pot marigold come in oranges, too? Just wondering, & wondering why no one has them. Has anyone tried doing cp with other colors of Calendula? If you have, do they retain their color like the yellow does?
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    Where Do You Draw the Line or Do You?

    It is 7:02 PM Central Time & a co-worker of DH's wants lotions for Christmas!!! :shock: I use a lotion base & scent it, etc - not that big a deal, but then again, TOMORROW is Christmas Eve for Willy's sake & I have pies to bake for my family tonight. Would you fill this last minute order...
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    Goats Milk & Super Fat %

    OK, now that I've done a successful batch of goats milk soap, I'm wondering if I can super fat it as high as 7%, or is that asking for trouble because of the milk content? I used 2 oz of powdered goatsmilk which constitutes to about 1 cup of milk to 32 oz of oils. TIA! :D
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    My First Goats Milk

    Wooohhhoooooo! Smells sooooooooo yummy & has such creammmmmy lather! It has colloidal oatmeal & honey powder it & scented with OH&H fo.
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    E-wax or Polysorbate 80 in Emulsified Scrubs

    I just made my first emulsified sugar scrub & am wondering. I used E-wax, but I've seen some formulas that use Polysorbate 80. Which do you use & why?
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    Soaping Week-End 10/18-10/19

    What's going to be in your soap pot this week-end? I won't be making any soap, but I need to inventory mine. I'll be scenting some really awesome goat'smilk cream base I got & packaging into my new cobalt jars. I'm going to make one a Foot Cream. What's a good scent for foot cream...
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    CPOP Question - When is it ready to sell?

    Ok, I have a craft fair in 2 weeks & I sold way more this week-end than I thought I would. My stock is a little low for this next fair. I've only done CP, but am considering CPOP. That's IF it will be ready to sell in 2 weeks. What is the concensus? Is CPOP truly mild enough to sell in 2...
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    White Ginger & Amber

    I got a sample of White Ginger & Amber from BB yesterday!! Yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!! It smells coconutty to me, though. Anyone else have this scent?
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    How to Package Round Soaps - no shrinkwrap`

    I don't do shrinkwrap or other plastic packaging. Is there another way to package round soaps that looks good? I've seen them wrapped in paper that was so perfectly pleated all the way around. Is there a machine to do that?
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    My First PVC Soaps

    Here are my first pvc soaps: Peace March - Patchouli with a touch of Grapefruit essential oils Designer Coffee Scrub Kitchen Soap - fine grind coffee & Honey Almond essential oil Prairie Sunflower - chammomile flower powder, Chammomile & Lavender essential oil I Need a Name -...
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    Luscious Lather Shaving Soap for Legs

    Shaving soap for legs. It's scented with Lavender Vanilla EO. It's turning darker, though.
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    My First Craft Fair

    Was very small. I made a few sales, got lots of good feed-back about my products & made a contact who works at my favorite health food store.They're expanding, & she told me to call 'cause they're looking for natural products made by local people. Wooohooo!!!! pics: Need a...
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    Incorporate or LLC?

    I'm getting ready to become a business. Eeeek! Kind of scarey! :shock: I'm trying to decide between incorporating and LLC. What are you registered as?