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  1. penelopejane


    Yes they can tell what variant of covid a person has. Not only that but they can trace it back to the source in Australia as in "it came from a guy in room 202 of such and such a hotel". We know this in Australia because we've had so few cases (until this last outbreak) and it has been...
  2. penelopejane

    Tiny bumps on cut soap face

    Try cutting early and it might lessen the bumps. Only problem then is you might get ash but this can be prevented by putting the freshly cut soap into a plastic box with a lid. This prevents the air getting to the soap for a few days and stops ash. Or put the soap on a tray and wrap in plastic...
  3. penelopejane

    Overshooting cleansing range

    Using just number I can see your points. But if you use your instincts and test, test, test over time you will see a vast difference between a "perfect soap" by the numbers and a fabulous soap that does not correlate with any of the "numbers" at all. Making soap is not just science it is an art.
  4. penelopejane

    Overshooting cleansing range

    45% lye concentration might be a little fast moving for your experiments. Add FOs or EOs to the oils before the lye - that will account for any that speed trace. Take a full mix just to emulsion. Then separate. Then colour. Activated charcoal stick blended in requires less activated charcoal...
  5. penelopejane

    Syndet body wash

    Wow thanks! I haven’t found that sort of info from our suppliers in Oz except sometimes they state maximum amounts. That’s very helpful.
  6. penelopejane

    Syndet body wash

    What do you mean the suggestions listed from a good supplier? Swift monkey is a paid subscription for access. I only want to do a one off product.
  7. penelopejane

    Skin irritations due to handmade soap

    @Nivisoaps It is entirely possible that your family could all be sensitive to the same ingredient. I'm sensitive to most EOs and so is all my family (to varying degrees). Also colours like spirulina is a huge irritant for me even when the colour fades. It is like an all over rash that I have...
  8. penelopejane

    Syndet body wash

    I want to try and make a body wash the same as this one (not for sale but just personal use because I am too cheap to buy it). It's a fairly thick body wash. I know the ingredients and was wondering if someone who makes a body wash could please give me a vague idea of the percentages? The...
  9. penelopejane

    Testing Liquid Castile Soap... not translucent

    linnie, I've just made my first tester liquid soaps one of which is 100% OO. I made them cold processed and the OO soap took a while to come to trace but eventually (following the SB for 5 mins, leave for 10 mins method) it did. The next morning it was a solid green transparent paste. I took...
  10. penelopejane

    Christmas 2021

    Christmas soap ideas: (some require molds that might need to be purchased so you might need to get a wriggle on).
  11. penelopejane

    Overshooting cleansing range

    I don’t go by the numbers (gives me a headache just reading about it and never works for olive oil soaps) but a 30/30/30/10 olive/palm/coconut/castor soap is an excellent place to start for a hard, squeaky clean feel bar that guys love.
  12. penelopejane

    Sodium Lactate Issue

    Use 32% lye concentration or even 33%. I use high OO soaps, don’t use sodium lactate and unmold at 12-18 hrs. it’s not the silicone.
  13. penelopejane

    Christmas 2021

    Do they still smell of cinnamon once cooked?
  14. penelopejane

    Oily soap

    Hi, is this a regular thing (recipe or process) or a one off thing (process)? Could you post your recipe? And photos if that’s possible? It could be pouring at too light a trace, inadequately mixed ingredients (FO maybe), too much water, too much FO, partially gelled soap.
  15. penelopejane

    Bumpy Soap

    Also try cutting as soon as your soap has cooled. 12-18 hrs after making for me. The earlier you cut with a wire cutter the less bumps.
  16. penelopejane

    Christmas 2021

    Where on earth has this year gone? thankfully some time left to make soapy Christmas presents!
  17. penelopejane

    How do I get my soap to harden in the mold

    I agree with the others that it’s not the silicone. you’d be amazed at the difference between 30, 31, 32 and 33% lye concentration. Also, the level of trace makes a huge difference to some recipes. If you pour at emulsion it can slow up curing.
  18. penelopejane

    A Crisis of Quality - EO or FO?

    I started out using EOs but I reacted so badly to them (allergies) that I gave up and figured there are enough people out their who are the same or who don’t care. I only use phthalate free FOs though. I have a few fragrance free soaps too which are popular.
  19. penelopejane

    Preserving Liquid soap

    Yes I agree. Someone told me jojoba oil was supposed the holy grail for soap dough - boy what an expensive frustrating experience. I did finally learn from you and others! I have other almost 6 year old soaps that are still fine and a fair few old castile which are fabulous!
  20. penelopejane

    Preserving Liquid soap

    Susie and gloopygloop It’s good to hear your experiences. I might leave the preservative out for a while and see how it goes. I’ll warn my family and friends to use it up and not just keep it on display! Susie since starting to use ROE In liquid oils haven’t had any DOS on bar soap (touch...