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  1. Cellador

    ISO 24/410 4 oz Clear Bottles

    Hi all! I hope you are all hanging in there with your respective lockdowns. What a crazy time! I am looking for 4 oz Clear Bottles with lid size 24/410, maybe 30-50 of them. They are sold out everwhere! I'm guessing it's either supply chain issues or because of all the handmade sanitizer being...
  2. Cellador

    Natural vs Unnatural Soap

    I'd also like to mention that your skin is your body's barrier from the outside world. It's not a sponge and will not/cannot "soak-up" everything that's put onto it (how much water weight would we gain after a bath or shower if it all absorbed?). Yes, certain chemicals can and will get into the...
  3. Cellador

    The best omh ?

    I also like Sweetcakes' OMH.
  4. Cellador

    Does anyone list their ingredients properly?

    I list all the proper names of my micas & colorants. I always thought it was required, so I do.
  5. Cellador

    Looking for just the right Lavender.

    I really like Lavender & Chamomile from WSP.
  6. Cellador

    shampoo bar SCI based correct proportions?

    I am thinking maybe the clay caused the cracking? I have seen small percentages of clay used in shampoo bars but never as high as 7%. As LSG mentioned, I think it needs another hard "binder" like an ewax, butter, or thickener.
  7. Cellador

    When Your Best-Selling Items Aren't Soap...

    My best selling items, so far, is room spray (which I make with a bought base). I honestly just thought it might be a way to use up some extra FOs, but man, these are selling like crazy! My other item is a Foaming Bath Butter product. But, I do make that from scratch & have modified the recipe...
  8. Cellador

    When Your Best-Selling Items Aren't Soap...

    Hi all! I know I haven't been around much lately, but things have been crazy since I started my business. Here's what I'm finding: my soap doesn't sell. I have a bunch of other products that I make and sell, and all of them seem to be more popular than my soap. Business is business, so I'm...
  9. Cellador

    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    Grr, life got in the way of me participating this month, but I wanted to pop in and tell you all how much I am enjoying your pics! Beautiful soaps!
  10. Cellador

    First Time Using Kokum Butter!!

    I use just a tad of kokum butter in my salt bars, and I love it! Your soap looks lovely!
  11. Cellador

    Sweet Cakes Suggestions for CP

    Citron et Figue- nice citrus scent but riced horribly for me. I mean big, solid soap chunks kind of ricing! Masculine Musk- this is the only FO that's ever given me soap on a stick. I soap cool, stir in by hand, etc and I barely got it in the mold- I didn't even get a chance to color it.
  12. Cellador

    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    1. Mobjack Bay- totally looking forward to this one! 2. AliOop 3. Pepsi Girl 4. MarnieSoapien - New swirls!! 5. dibbles - Love a hanger swirl! 6. Cellador- I'll give it a try....wheeeee!
  13. Cellador

    Successful tips for using Sucragel?

    I have never used Suceagel, but I saw this article where the author seems to have success hand stirring. Thought you might want to take a look :)
  14. Cellador

    BB's Sea Salt FO

    It's an interesting scent...I'll start by saying that OOB, it stinks- I was really put-off by it initially. But, once you soap it, it's not so bad. It definitely has a melon scent to it. It's fresh and maybe a little salty. It's definitely complex & unlike any other scent out there. I soaped...
  15. Cellador

    Washing off my soda ash?

    I can't speak for an actual steamer, but I often will plug in the iron to steam the ash away. If it's heavy ash, I sometimes have to give it a few passes before it's ash-free.
  16. Cellador

    Soap making suppliers fading labels

    That's happened with my BB stuff. It doesn't really bother me though.
  17. Cellador

    How to make bath bombs more hard?

    Cream of tartar does help to harden. I believe kaolin clay is supposed to help too. You could also sub coconut oil for a butter.
  18. Cellador

    SCM's Conditioner Bar Recipe

    My protein is in liquid form. I tried mixing the protein & poly 7 together (by themselves) and they blended just fine. However, when I heated it a little bit, it did begin to clump. I wonder if they shouldn't be heated...Thanks for the feedback!
  19. Cellador

    SCM's Conditioner Bar Recipe

    Does anyone make conditioner bars based on SCM's recipe? Specifically, with a hydrolyzed protein, a poly quat, and centimonium chloride? I am having some trouble getting these ingredients incorporated into the bars; I'm guessing it's b/c they are water soluable. I end up with gooey, gel clumps...
  20. Cellador

    Organizing Containers for B&B Products

    I have to admit, I am terrible at organizing! I did not even think about keeping the closed bag in a big rubbermaid container. :oops: